Bach To Basic

Bach to Basic is one of the very first worldwide bachelor and bachelorette party planning services to hit the market. We haven’t stopped partying since day one and continue to gain more experience, intel and connections that help us to make sure our parties keep getting better! We can coordinate everything with the exception of flights to your destination, all while managing the finances of the weekend. No request is too small or too big! Our only goal is to make sure you and your besties have the best. weekend. ever.

Destinations Offered:

Any Destination - where you party, we party! 


- Destination Selection
- Accommodations 
- Meals
- Grocery and Alcohol Delivery
- Activities 
- Transportation 
- Party Favors and Decorations 
- Payment and Budget Management 
- Concierge services available throughout your weekend 

Pricing: Packages start at $600 per person
Fave Party Ever Planned:
A bachelorette party in Cabo involving a yacht, infinity pool and lotssss of partying
Fun Fact: We have put together itineraries for parties in over 70 destinations!


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