Café Du Monde

For the best beignets in the city, look no further than the world-famous Café Du Monde! This iconic, open-air coffee shop is a perfect place to start - or end - your bachelorette party festivities (it's open 24/7!). Expect a line, but don't worry too much... it moves fast! Just be sure to hit the ATM ahead of time as Café Du Monde is a cash-only establishment.

Restaurant Highlights:  

Price Range:
$5 - $15 per person
Takes Reservations:
No (expect a 20 - 30 min wait)
Casual, Touristy, Iconic
Best For: Light Breakfast; Late-Night 
Menu: View Menu
Neighborhood: French Quarter
We Recommend:
Stopping in for a late-night beignet (it's open 24/7!) 


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