Brewery Tour with Miami Brew Bus

What better way to day drink and see more of Miami than on a beer tour? With the Brew Bus, you’ll get to tour the behind-the-scenes areas in each brewery, complete with taste tests of course. Choose from the Highway to Hops Tour, The Avenue to Ales Tour or the Expressway to Brews Tour, which all visit different breweries. Be warned, food trucks are involved, so this might be an elastic waistband kind of day.



$97+ per person
Capacity: Groups up to 28 people
- About a 5 hour tour with transportation  
- Stops at 3 breweries
- Pint or snifter at each brewery 
- Snacks, water and discounted merchandise 
Private Parties: Private charters available. Contact business for pricing.
Neighborhood: Pick up and drop off at Union Beer Station in Little Havana

 Photos courtesy of Miami Brew Bus/Instagram/Facebook

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