Relax and Rehydrate with Regenerate IV

Feeling a bit dehydrated after a night out? Call in Regenerate IV to help reinvigorate the bride-to-be for another day of celebrating. Regenerate IV provides in-home IV therapy. You can choose from several services like hydration, beauty, or performance and recovery. All IVs are administered by highly qualified Registered Nurses and each IV is made with specific ingredients to support hydration, a healthy immune system and boost energy levels. So grab the girls and this unique bachelorette party activity to keep the party going and you all feeling great! 



$120 - $275 per person on average. 10% discount for groups

No group limit!

- In-home IV treatment
- Choice of treatments are: Hydration, Performance and Recovery, Beauty, Cold and Flu, Headache Relief and Advanced Myers


Regenerate IV
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