Find everything you need for an unforgettable bachelorette party

Shop 200 cute and classy bachelorette party products, get itinerary inspiration from hand-picked recommendations in our bachelorette party city guides and browse our blog for planning tips and REAL party recaps. At Stag & Hen, you'll find everything you need to host a bachelorette party the bride-to-be will love!

The Stag & Hen Story

Stag & Hen was born after our founder, Jenny, planned her best friend Ashely's bachelorette party. A professional event planner by day, Jenny was shocked at how difficult it was to not only coordinate the trip but also find cute and tasteful bachelorette party favors and decorations. She returned home from the bachelorette party with a mission to create Stag & Hen: A one-stop-shop for pretty bachelorette party goods and planning tips. A year and a half later, we launched! 

Pictured: That's Jenny at Ashley's Bachelorette Party in Fredericksburg, TX in 2015... the party that inspired Stag & Hen!

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