Swimming at Barton Springs

Barton Springs Pool opened to the public in the 1920s and ever since has been a beloved summer activity by Austin locals. So what is it, exactly?! Barton Springs is a pool with a natural bottom fed from underground springs. The water maintains a 68ºF temperature year-round (brr!) making it the perfect place for the bride tribe to cool off on a hot Austin summer day. Make sure to bring your beach towel to set out on the grassy hill that overlooks the pool to catch some rays. 

Once the bachelorette party crew has cooled off, head to the original Chuy's on Barton Springs Road for tex-mex or enjoy a burger and fries on Shady Grove's tree-covered patio.  



$5 for residents ; $9 for non-residents 
Capacity: Great for all group sizes 
Access to the pool
Other Details: Bring a towel ; no food or alcoholic drinks allowed 
South Lamar / Zilker Park

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Barton Springs Pool 

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