Beach Bonfire with 30A Blaze

Gather ‘round, girls! 30A Blaze is ready to light up your bachelorette trip with a cute and cozy bonfire on the beach. Order a pizza, grab a few bottles of wine and throw on some comfy clothes to watch the sunset in the sand. 30A Blaze will complete your night with chairs, tables, a fire pit and roasting sticks. Make s’mores for dessert or roast hotdogs for dinner, either way you’re in for a treat.



$350+ per bonfire
Capacity: Groups up to 28
- 2 to 3 hour bonfire
- Chairs and side tables
- Fire pit with wood
- Trash can 
- Roasting sticks
- Options to add on speakers and s'mores 
Neighborhood: 30A

 Photos courtesy of 30A Blaze

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