Great Southern Cafe

Grab the brunch of your dreams at The Great Southern Cafe. This popular Southern style restaurant is hugged by a bustling indoor/outdoor shopping area in the heart of Seaside. With this prime location, you can shop around local stores after you eat and get cute pictures in the most quaint and instagrammable part of Seaside, that is if you aren’t too stuffed to move! Their brunch menu features things like Steak and Eggs, Avocado Toast, Lobster Benedict, Biscuits and Gravy and Pancake Platters. Stretchy pants are suggested but not required.

Restaurant Highlights:  

Price Range:
$30 - $45 per person
Takes Reservations:
Best For: Brunch or Happy Hour
Menu: View Menu
Neighborhood: Seaside
We Recommend:
The Fisherman

 Photos courtesy of Great Southern Cafe

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