minus5° Ice Experience

Chill out at Minus5, a premium ice attraction. Everything inside Minus5 is made completely of ice - the walls, the sculptures, the cups, the bars, everything. The temperature is controlled for a refreshing feel as you make your way through themed rooms with original ice sculptures. Upon admission, you’ll be outfitted with a cozy parka and gloves, making your experience in this winter wonderland comfortable and fun.

Restaurant Highlights:  

Cuisine:  Ice Bar
Price Range:
$15 - $30 per person
Takes Reservations:
Fun, Touristy, Unique
Best For: A unique and memorable bar experience
Menu: View Menu
Location: Inside The Venetian 
We Recommend:
Requesting a faux fur coat, much more glam than the parka!

 Photos courtesy of MGM Resorts/minus 5 Ice Experience

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