Clubbing in South Beach or Downtown

The club scene in Miami is one of the hottest in the country. The Latin influences, incredible live music and celebrity sightings will ensure that this bachelorette party is one you won’t forgot, or won’t remember, but either way prepare for the most lively clubs and exotic drinks you’ve ever had.

Our Favorites:

The Basement | One-stop-shop for bowling, ice skating (yes you read that right), beer and a totally Instagrammable rainbow light show. 

LIV | See performances from artists like DJ Khaled, Kanye West and Travis Scott.

Story | The place to go if your twerk game is strong, or even if it isn’t. This nightclub is known for its hip-hop music, lively dance floor and celebrity guests.

Twist | This iconic gay club has the best two-story disco in all of Florida. 

Do Not Sit on the Furniture | Ideal for or a boutique nightclub experience.

Score | Drag queens, Latin flair, vibrant performances and an open bar from 11-11:30 pm every Friday. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Rockwell | If you can make it through the door (we hear the bouncers can be a bit Regina George-ish) then you’ll enjoy live hip hop music and bottle service all night.

Nikki Beach | If you’re a fan of the Darty (day-party, duh) then this nightclub turned beach bash is the perfect spot for your Bachelorette group.


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