Jen’s and Friends

Jen’s and Friends is what it would be like if your best friend opened a bar. You might even see Jen herself serving up drinks, she was named Best Bartender twice, YGG! Strangers become friends the instant they enter this inviting and vibrant bar. There are over 300 martinis that range from $8-$12. The Birthday Cake martini has an actual Little Debbie involved, so just prepare yourself accordingly.

Restaurant Highlights:  

Cuisine: Beer and martinis 
Price Range:
$15 - $30 per person
Casual, Laid-Back, Funky 
Best For: 
Creative dessert martinis after diner
Takes Reservations:
Menu: View Menu
Neighborhood: Historic District 
We Recommend:
The Birthday Cake Martini

 Photos courtesy of Jen's & Friends

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