Pedal Pub with Arizona Party Bike

No bachelorette party is complete without a downtown ride on a pedal tavern. The Arizona Party Bike has all the bells and whistles: LED party lights, a bumpin’ sound system and an electric motor assist for when your romper starts to ride up, not that we are speaking from personal experience or anything. Book a private pedal pub or hop on a guided bar crawl tour, either way your group is in for a treat! Did we mention you can load up on your favorite bevvys and snacks from the onsite store before hand and that pedaling isn’t required!? So basically, it’s a bar on wheels.



$49+ per person

Any size group (Each bike accommodates 15 people; can book multiple bikes if needed)

- 2 hour tour with 3 stops 
- Drink specials at each bar
- Party captain 
- Cooler with ice
- Music
- Alcohol available for purchase
Private Parties: Rent the entire bike for $499


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