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13 Bachelorette Party Survival Tips from Payton Reed

13 Bachelorette Party Survival Tips for a Stress-Free Weekend

Payton Reed of Public Display of Accessories has attended 9 bachelorette parties in the past 18 months - that's a lot, y'all! Here's her list of survival tips for a stress-free bachelorette weekend.

Payton Reed here, resident bachelorette trip professional, or connoisseur of sorts. I feel confident claiming this title because over the past 18 months I have been to 9 bachelorette parties. To put that into perspective, that means I basically went to a party every other month for a year and a half. Did I mention my own bachelorette trip was thrown into the mix? Whew, my liver hurts just thinking about it.

I planned two of those trips and helped coordinate most of the others. Along the way I picked up a few tips and tricks that have helped save my wallet and my life over the course of 648 hours of bachelorette weekends. Here’s a few suggestions I have for next time you find yourself among the bridesmaid mix:

1. Make Reservations

There’s nothing worse than getting to a restaurant hot-spot and realizing there is a 2 hour wait. This will throw the Maid of Honor into a tizzy and leave everyone feeling stressed. Plan as much as you can, while still leaving a little buffer time in case you have transportation issues or wardrobe malfunctions.

2. Pack Snacks

If you are ballin’ on a budget this will save you some serious cash over the course of the weekend! Throw a few granola bars in your purse to have between meals. When alcohol is involved, it is always a good idea to have some munchies on-hand. Save yourself time and money by bringing a few of your favorites with you.

13 Bachelorette Party Survival Tips for a Stress-Free Weekend
We had the best time at my college roommate's bachelorette party in New Orleans. This was post-karaoke at The Cat's Meow. 

3. Invest in a Portable Phone Charger

You will get separated from your group and of course, your phone will die. It is inevitable. Grab a portable charger for about $15 from Target and keep it in your purse. You will thank yourself when it is 3 am and you’re trying to call an Uber with one hand and holding your heels in the other.

4. Bring Sensible Shoes

Speaking of heels, I know we all want to look like an 11/10 on this fun weekend out, but I promise you will be singing your own praises if you pack sensible, comfortable shoes instead of your 6-inch stilettos. For a night out, consider some strappy sandals, low wedges or platforms.

13 Bachelorette Party Survival Tips for a Stress-Free Weekend
This bachelorette trip in Gulf Shores, Alabama for my sorority little sister was a blast. This was shot right before we went to the infamous Flora-Bama

5. Make a Playlist

Start the party in the car on the way there, in your hotel room or on your flight! Make a playlist with songs the bride loves and share it with everyone before the trip. It is a great way to get people excited and ready to party! Not to mention it makes the perfect pre-game music for your hotel or AirBnb.

6. Get to Know the Party

Sometimes the bride has best friends from all over the place and it can be hard to start the weekend without knowing everyone. Try creating common ground before the trip so that you have things to talk about when you arrive. Where are her guests from? What do they do? How do they know each other? Having the scoop will ensure you feel comfortable. 

13 Bachelorette Party Survival Tips for a Stress-Free Weekend
It was so nice relaxing at Lake Bruin in Louisiana for a much-needed, casual bachelorette weekend!

7. Prepare Downtime Fillers

It can be hard to schedule out an entire weekend to a T. Have some ideas ready for back-up plans and quick fixes in case anything goes awry. You could have a list of ice cream shops, cute parks to walk around or coffee shops to grab a snack at. I suggest downloading the game Heads Up on your phone because it is the perfect time-filler should your day not pan out perfectly.

8. Don’t Rush It

Usually (if your party is over the weekend) guests will arrive at all different times on Friday due to work and travel schedules. Friday might be the perfect time to order pizza, play games (Stag & Hen has free ones you can download) at the hotel and have a lingerie shower. This way, there’s no reservation that must be met or time constraint that is going to throw people out of whack.

13 Bachelorette Party Survival Tips for a Stress-Free Weekend
Another perfect bachelorette weekend in Orange Beach, AL with a group of college best friends

9. Bring Hangover Cures

One, two, three, or all the bridesmaids are likely to need this. Things like Pedialyte and Gatorade are good to have in your suitcase if someone needs them! It wouldn’t hurt to add some Tylenol and a few carb-loaded snacks in there too, just to be safe. Don't wanna do the work? Pick up cute, pre-made kits with all the essentials. 

10. Be Ready with Cash

There are endless reasons you might need something other than your debit card on the trip. Whether its to tip the waitress, entertainer or cab driver, it is always good to travel with some actual bills. Some bars have cash-only covers and it is super annoying to have to find an ATM last minute.

13 Bachelorette Party Survival Tips for a Stress-Free Weekend
A staycation in our college town, Starkville, Mississippi, was the ideal bachelorette weekend for my former Bulldog-athlete friend!  


12. Get the Apps

Make sure everyone in your party has Venmo, SplitwiseFind My Friends, Open Table, Uber and Lyft. This way you can easily transfer money when you can’t split a meal ticket, find your friends who may have been separated from the group, make reservations and get rides no matter where you end up.

13. Brag a Little, Save a Lot

Call attention to the fact that you are a bridesmaid on a bachelorette trip! Chances are, you can get free covers, a couple free drinks and special attention from DJs and waiters. This way you can squeeze every penny out of the weekend! The bride’s veil and your color coordination will usually do the trick.


13 Bachelorette Party Survival Tips for a Stress-Free WeekendLast but not least, a night out at Paula & Raiford's Disco in Memphis, TN made for one of my most memorable bachelorette trips yet! 


Meet the Author: Payton Reed of Public Display of Accessories

I’m Payton and I am so glad that you have found the bachelorette heaven that is Stag & Hen. I love guest writing here, but you'll usually find me over on or @payt.reed on Instagram. I have always had a passion for style and fashion that I wanted to share with everyone around me. As a Copywriter, the best way to combine my professional writing skills and my love for style was to create a lifestyle blog. On my website you’ll find lots of saves and a few splurges, some serious post-grad probs and lots of messy mistakes. You’ll find a girl a lot like you, or like your best friend, just trying to be transparent and real on the internet. Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s embarrassing, but it’s always a blast! I hope you’ll join me there!




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