Candle Making Class at The Candle Bar

Kick off the bachelorette party festivities with this fun and informative candle making class! During the class, the bride squad will choose their favorite vessel and fragrance before being led through each step of the candle pouring process by an instructor. Each candle takes three hours to set before it's ready to take home. No space in the suitcase for your souvenir? The Candle Bar can ship your candle back to your home base, if necessary. Oh, and don’t forget to bring snacks and the bride’s favorite beverage... each class is BYOB! 



$35 per person
Capacity: Groups up to 20

- Candle-making class with instructor
- Vessel and supplies for your own candle
- Option to ship candle home, if necessary
- 20% discount to the shop
- BYOB! 

Private Parties: Call for more details on private parties 
Neighborhood: Edgefield


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