Mani Pedis at Southern Swings Nail Bar

Southern Swings Nail Bar is the just what you need to pamper the bride-to-be. Sweet tea and even sweeter massages make this spot well-known for their mani-pedis. That and the fact that each of their pedicure stations are PORCH SWINGS! They even offer pedicures on their outside porch, also in porch swings. Did we mention mimosas are also available? Get your sassy southern drawl ready, girls!



$25+ per person
Capacity: Up to 50 people 
- Professional manicure, pedicure or both in a porch swing chair 
- Sweet tea 
- Mimosas for purchase
Other Details: Reservations recommended! 
Neighborhood: West Riverside

 Photos courtesy of Southern Swings Nail Bar & Spa

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