15 Cute & Fun Bachelorette Party Favors Under $10

Bachelorette Party Favors Under $10

Trying to throw a bachelorette party that doesn't break the bank?! Easier said than done! With all the fun bachelorette party accessories out there, it can be easy to go a bit overboard on the favor bags. That's why we've rounded up 15 totally adorable bachelorette party favors under $10 each. The best part? Each accessory is so cute that party guests are bound to love them long after the festivities wrap up! Scoop up 2 or 3 items per guest and you'll have adorable favor bags for each guest without having to spending a fortune. 

1. Heart Sunnies - $6 each

Bachelorette Party Accessories | Heart Sunglasses

Heart Sunglasses | $6 each

At just $6 each, these colorful heart sunglasses are a fun party favor that’ll make the bride squad stand out without being totally obnoxious. Plus, they are cute to wear any day of the week, whether your hanging at a bachelorette or just getting some sun by the pool

2. Acrylic Confetti Party Tumblers - $10 each

Bachelorette Party Favors | Acrylic Confetti Party Tumblers

Acrylic Confetti Party Tumblers | $10 each

These adorable acrylic wine (or cocktail!) tumblers are a favor that the I Do Crew will love long after the festivities wrap up. And at just $10 each, they won’t break the bank either. Sip in style all weekend long! 

3. Party Pins - $30 for a set of 10 

Bachelorette Party Pins | $30 for a set of 10

Okay. Are these party pins not some the most creative and adorable bachelorette accessory y’all have seen?! Each pin is handmade and has its own unique phrase – have the girls pick out their favorite or let the bride-to-be choose who gets what! The best part? At just $3 per pin, this is a favor that won't break the bank. 

4. Flash Tattoos - $26 for a set of 12

Bachelorette Party Favors | Bride Tribe Flash Tattoos

Bride Tribe Flash Tattoos | $26 for a set of 12

It’s not a party without some flash tats! Scoop up this party pack of 12 gold bride tribe tattoos for a simple accessory the crew will love. Bonus? They last all weekend!

5. Hang Over Kits - $2 per bag

Bachelorette Party Accessories | Hang Over Kits

Hang Over Kit Bags | $2 each

Don’t let a killer hang over ruin the party! Load up these cute bags with hang over essentials like advil, tums, chap stick and mini-moisturizers – the bride squad will thank you.

6. Bride Tribe Koozies - $4 each

Bride Tribe Koozies | $4 each

A classic bachelorette party favor, we are fans of these simple, but adorable, bride tribe koozies! Each koozie has gold glitter letters that pop against the black background.

7. I Do Crew Flower Crowns - $4 each

I Do Crew Flower Crowns | $4 each

At just $4 each, these flower headbands are a STEAL! Choose from a few different colors for a cute, accessory that is perfect for any bachelorette theme (wineries? beach? lake? country chic? you name it!).

8. Daisy Sunnies - $9 each

Daisy Sunglasses | $9 each

Channel your inner-hippie with these sixties-style daisy sunglasses! Especially cute for a beach bachelorette or lake trip, the bride tribe will want to sport these adorable sunnies both during and after the party – making them the perfect favor!

9. Lip Balm - $23 for a set of 16

Bachelorette Party Favors | Lip Balm

Bachelorette Lip Balm | $23 for a set of 16

Totally practical AND adorable?! We’re in. These cute little lip balms are a fun extra to add into any bachelorette party favor bag. PS – if you’re headed to Vegas, the dry climate makes chap stick is a MUST, so make sure to grab these for the crew– they will thank you 

10. Team Bride Pins - $12.66 for a set of 10

Bachelorette Party Accessories | Team Bride Pins

Team Bride Party Pins | $12.66 for a set of 10

A simple accessory that goes with any outfit and any party theme?! We’re in! These cute (and totally affordable) team bride pins are an easy and adorable accessory to add to the favor bags.

11. Bachelorette Party Headbands - $22 for a set of 8

Bachelorette Party Headbands | $22 for a set of 8

This party pack of bachelorette headbands is a fun, modern twist on a bachelorette party classic. Each pack comes with 8 headbands and at just $22 for the whole pack (that less than $3 a headband, people!), you can’t beat the price. 

12. Bride Tribe Sunnies - $6 each

Bride Tribe Sunglasses | $6 each

These wayfarer style sunnies are a super classy favor for the I Do Crew. Choose from black, light pink or hot pink (and white for the bride) or mix and match for a fun look that’s not too showy. And at just $6 each, you can’t beat the price!

13. Cheers Bitches Koozies - $4.95 each

Cheers Bitches / Future Mrs. Koozies | $4.95 each

A sassy, but classy bachelorette party koozie! These neon koozies are bright, fun and go perfectly with any bachelorette party theme.

14. Diamond Tattoos - $6 for a set of 30

Pink Diamond Temporary Tattoos | $6 for a pack of 30

He put a ring on it! Celebrate the bachelorette with these cute little diamond temporary tattoos. Each set comes with 30, plenty for the whole party.

15. Team Bride Trucker Hats - $36 for a set of 4

Bachelorette Party Favors | Team Bride Trucker Hats

Neon Team Bride Trucker Hats | $36 for a set of 4

Throw it back to the 00s with these awesome Team Bride Trucker Hats. We love the neon! Scoop up a set of 4 for $26 (that’s just $9 a hat y’all!) for a fun look that will make the I Do Crew stand out.

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Jenny Van Der Kar

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