17 Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas For The Bride To Be

17 Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas For The Bride To Be | Stag & Hen
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You've picked a bachelorette party destination, decided on a theme and even bought some cute gifts for goodie bags for your guests. BUT do you have any idea about what you are going to wear?! In case you've been procrastinating on that part, we've rounded up 17 fun and unique bachelorette party outfit ideas for the bride to help inspire your looks for the weekend.

From sassy party dresses and swimsuits to one-of-a-kind veils, we've rounded up options for any theme and destination. Once you're done browsing the post, check out our bachelorette party collection for the bride-to-be for tons of cute accessories for the Future Mrs. 


1. C'Mon Barbie, Let's Go Party

Bachelorette party swimsuits are all the rage and it's easy to see why! We love this option because not only does it have a coordinating swimsuit for the guests, it's REVERSIBLE, meaning the whole crew can wear it after the bachelorette weekend, too. WIN.  


Reversible Bachelorette Party Swimsuits | Retro Heart Sunglasses



2. Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice 

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what brides are made of! This adorable cropped top and skirt set is a little sassy, a little sweet and 100% perfect for your bachelorette night out. Pair with a sparkly rhinestone belt and white bride-to-be sash for a Instagram-worthy party look. 


White Cropped Top | White Skirt | Rhinestone Belt White Bride To Be Sash (similar)



3. Bride Barrette For The Win

There's nothing like a unique accessory that you can wear throughout your engagement. Pair this cute bride barrette with your white party dresses for the perfect bridal detail. Not only is it great for the bachelorette weekend, but it's adorable for an engagement party, bridal brunch and even the honeymoon!


Rhinestone BRIDE barrette | Pearl BRIDE barrette 




If you have a night club on your bachelorette party agenda, this dress better be packed in your suitcase. Nothing says party like a sparkly, shimmery dress and this one goes the extra mile with a lace detail on the hem. We are in LOVE, babes. 


White Sequin Party Dress 



5. Hats Off To The Future Mrs.  

Planning to spend some time on the beach for you bachelorette party? Not only is this embroidered bride-to-be sun hat adorable, it's practical too! Keep the sun off your face (not today wrinkles) and look bridal all in one. This hat scores extra points because of its fun pom-pom detail around the brim and adjustable inner-strap. 


Embroidered Bride To Be Sun Hat With Pom-Pom Accent


6. Bride & Boujee

Nothing says boujee like a basking away in a bright yellow cabana, but if that's not in the cards for your bach weekend, you can at least snag this spunky Bach & Boujee Balloon Banner. It's bound to yield at least an extra 30 - 40 likes on your Instagram party post. #doitforthegram


Bach & Boujee Bachelorette Party Balloon Banner


7. Boots With The (White) Fur

If there's ever a time to be extra, it is your bachelorette weekend, babes. DON'T ARGUE. Between the fur coat, fur hat, fur boots (we're sensing a theme), the retro leggings, and omg... the fanny pack, this bride owned her bachelorette look from head to toe. And we are in love. 


Apres Ski Retro Leggings | BRIDE Fanny Pack


8. Wife Of The Party

Remember when we said bachelorette swimsuits are all the rage? News flash: that's still accurate. This "wife of the party" swimsuit scores extra points with its bright letters. And how cute are those heart sunnies? A definite must-have for every bride-to-be! 


Wife Of The Party Swimsuit | Retro Heart Sunglasses 


9. Marry Me Mickey

Move over Jasmine, there's a new princess in town. This Disney World bride-to-be outfit just made all our dreams come true. The light pink mickey ears and pleated skirt paired with the bride shirt is made for a happily ever after. 


Pink Mickey Mouse Ears and Skirt



10. The One Where She's A Bride

She found her lobster! Channel your inner Rachel (but maybe skip the haircut) and go with a Friends-themed look for your bachelorette weekend. PIVOT! 


11. Diamonds Are A Bride's Best Friend

Nothing screams engaged like a GIANT engagement ring float, amirte?! Get a tan (don't forget SPF) while living your best bride life on this perfect bachelorette party pool float. Don't forget the sash and heart sunglasses


12. Bride Jammies

Grab your squad, your jammies and your favorite rom coms for the perfect girls' night-in! We are all about the bachelorette weekend slumber party. It's fun. It's low key. And it's the perfect excuse to wear this satin bride robe. 




13. Sip, Sip, Hooray... She's Engaged! 

If you're planning to have a cocktail (or ten) at your bachelorette weekend, this crazy pink bride straw is a must-have! We hear it works with water too. 




14. Romp-ing Down The Aisle

The perfect look for your bachelorette party brunch, this jumpsuit paired with statement earrings and white heart sunglasses is PURE CLASS people. Wear this and no one will know how many times you dropped it on the dance floor the night before. We promise. 



15. BRIDE Balloons Make Everything Better

Pics or it didn't happen. Get that Instagram-worthy party pic every bride dreams of with these jumbo BRIDE balloons. They're easy to pack in a suitcase and easy to hang up when you arrive at your house or hotel. Plus, they can be deflated and reused! 




16. Booty, Booty, Booty, Rockin' Everywhere 

Up-level your bachelorette party swimsuit with a booty veil (yep, you read that right). Almost like a bunny tail, this fun accessory will have you feeling ready to party faster than you can say "I Do." 


17. Let's Get Smashed... It's My Final Fiesta!

If you are headed to Mexico or hosting a fiesta-themed bachelorette weekend for the bride-to-be, we have found the perfect veil! This mini-sombrero has a cute pom-pom accent and hair clips to securely fasten it so there's no need to worry about it falling off at the beach or on the dance floor. We're in. 


There you have it! Seventeen totally epic bachelorette party outfit ideas for the bride-to-be. If you're in need of even more ideas, check out our bachelorette party collection for the bride for even more fun and unique bachelorette party accessories. Happy shopping, babes! 

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