Charleston Bachelorette: #SquadGoals

Looking for a picture-perfect bachelorette party destination with loads of southern charm?! Look no further than Charleston - where you'll find delicious restaurants amongst historic buildings and beautiful coastline. So, when it came time for bride-to-be Ashley to plan her bachelorette party, this southern city was a no-brainer. Besides it being a short drive from her hometown of Atlanta (bonus!), Charleston was a spot she still needed to check off her bucket list. Let the festivities commence! 

Charleston Bachelorette Party IdeasBride-to-be Ashley on their boat cruise (a MUST for any Charleston bach).

The Weekend Itinerary 
What They Did

Ashley and her squad had a jam-packed weekend in Charleston! From a boat party to brunch and down time at their AirBNB, the girls made the most of every minute. 

•  Arrive in Charleston and grab lunch at The Taco Spot
•  Check into the AirBNB and decorate! 
•  Afternoon drinks at Republic
•  Dinner at Indaco (the girls loved the great service!)
•  Post-dinner drinks at Stars and Trio Club 

•  Brunch at Caviar & Bananas 
•  Lingerie shower at the house with a "guess who gifted" drinking game
•  Adventure Harbor Tour boat cruise on the bay (BYOB!) 
•  Dinner, snacks and pre-gaming at the house
•  Drinking and dancing at Trio Club

•  Brunch at Husk and head home! (pro-tip: make sure to book a reservation far in advance) 

Charleston Bachelorette Party Ideas

Dinner at Indaco - the girls loved this spot and its stellar service.  

The Bachelorette Pad
Where They Stayed

Ashley and her bride squad snagged a cozy AirBNB rental just minutes from the action. By renting a house, the girls were not only able to get plenty of hang out time in but also saved some moola by being able to bring snacks and alcohol for their pre-games. 

3 Bed, 2.5 Bath AirBNB in Downtown Charleston ($110/night)

Charleston Bachelorette Party Ideas
The girls bunked up in 3 bed, 2.5 bath AirBNB downtown near King St - central to all the action. 

The Budget Breakdown
What They Paid

Wondering what you need to budget for a fabulous Charleston bachelorette weekend like Ashley's? Take a peek at some of the costs below for a starting point. 

Total Weekend Cost: $326/person 
12 total attendees 

•  Hotel & House (2 nights) - $168/person
•  Groceries/Alochol - $85/person
•  Favors & Decorations - $28/person
•  Boat Cruise - $45/person 

Charleston Bachelorette Party IdeasNo bach party is complete without a pretty backdrop for Insta-worthy snapshots! 

The Party Favors 
How They Accessorized 

It's not a bachelorette party without some bride tribe bling! Ashley and her crew accessorized with bride squad tanks, mini bachelorette party crowns and a house decked out with festive party banners and balloons. 

•  Boho Bride To Be Headband Veil (Stag & Hen - $48)
•  Bride Squad Tanks (Local screenprinter) 
•  Mini Bachelorette Crowns (Stag & Hen - $14+ )
•  Custom Koozies (Etsy -$4.87 )
•  Drinking Buddies (Stag & Hen - $14)
•  She Said Yaaas Party Cups (similar - $2.50/ea)
•  She Said Yaaas Banner (Stag & Hen - $18) 
•  LOVE balloon (Stag & Hen - $6)
•  Engagement Ring balloon (Stag & Hen - $6)
•  Rose All Day Napkins (Stag & Hen - $6)

Charleston Bachelorette Party IdeasThe SQUAD in their tanks and mini crowns - LOVE!

The Round Up
Where They Ate, Drank & Celebrated

Finding great restaurants and hotels can be tough! Here's a round up of some of the spots Ashley and her squad recommend from her bachelorette bash. 

•  House Rental - 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath airBNB
•  Brunch - Caviar & Bananas
•  Brunch - Husk
•  Lunch - The Taco Spot
•  Dinner - Indaco 
•  Drinks - Stars Rooftop & Grill Room
•  Drinks - The Trio Club 
•  Drinks - Republic Garden & Lounge
•  Boat Tour - Adventure Harbor Tours

Charleston Bachelorette Party Ideas

Dying over these adorable party cups - total must for any bach party pre-game!


Need more ideas for your Charleston bachelorette party? Check out Charleston Bachelorette Party Guide for a hand-picked selection of the BEST bachelorette party activities, restaurants, bars and more. 

Charleston Bachelorette Party Ideas | Stag & Hen

Check out our Charleston Bachelorette Party Guide for a hand-picked selection of the BEST bachelorette party activities, bars, restaurants and places to stay.


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