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Free Bachelorette Party Bootcamp from Fitbride

Looking for a fun and unique bachelorette party activity? How about a bootcamp-style, butt-kicking workout you can do with your besties - no weights or equipment required? We teamed up with the gals at fitbride to create a fun and FREE bachelorette party workout you can do with your bride tribe before heading to brunch or hitting the pool!  

We love the idea of a bachelorette party bootcamp for a few reasons. Not only is it a fun activity the I Do Crew can do as a group, but it's a perfect way to get some much-needed exercise in amongst all the boozing and brunching. Plus, it's a healthy way to blow off some of the stress that comes with wedding planning! 

Free bachelorette party bootcamp brought to you by the fitness experts at fitbride!  

What's fitbride?! Q&A with personal trainer and fitbride founder, Margaret Caton 

When we heard about fitbride, we knew we had to get their help creating a bachelorette party bootcamp. Wondering what fitbride is all about? We sat down with founder Margaret Caton to hear more about the program and get her top fitness tips for brides-to-be.   

SH: So, what is fitbride all about? 

FB: Fitbride believes a happy, confident bride equals a fitbride! Our passion is to help every bride feel and look absolutely amazing on her big day with the help of the fitbride program.

SH: So awesome! What exactly is the fitbride program?

FB: The fitbride program is a two-month fitness program.  It includes a workout book, with step-by-step instructions and 40 butt kicking workouts that can be done at home or the gym. A cookbook with healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes, a three-day detox (don’t worry you still get to eat real food!), a cute mason jar (that says Miss to Mrs.) and a resistance band (to be used along with the workouts).  The workout book, cookbook, detox guide, mason jar and resistance band all come packaged in the cutest fitbride box and is delivered straight to the bride’s doorstep! Our brides also have a chance to win our $1,000 honeymoon giveaway challenge!

Each fitbride program includes a box with a book of workouts, a cookbook, a resistance band and a Miss to Mrs Mason jar. Love that this program isn't just digital!  

SH: So cool! How did you get the initial idea? 

FB: I actually got the idea for fitbride as I was planning my own wedding. I had been a personal trainer for years and already knew what worked well and what didn’t. But, I started running into the usual wedding planning obstacles… I had a million things to get done and every day was different. Some days I could workout at the gym and other days I needed to workout from home. And I never had much time, about 30 to 45 minutes a day if I was lucky. So, I began putting together short high-intensity workouts that targeted my entire body. I started noticing better results from these short high-energy workouts than I had from my typical 60 to 90 minute workouts. That’s when I knew I was onto something. After my wedding, I reviewed my previous 6 months worth of workouts and meals, and put together the first fitbride program.

SH: What do you think makes your program different from others on the market? 

FB: What I love about our program is that you receive physical products, not just digital downloads!  We have had so many brides comment on how much they loved receiving their fitbride program and how special it made them feel. Other differentiators are; every bride has the chance to win $1,000 towards her honeymoon, the fun community of other brides, and the gown-specific exercises.

Happy brides-to-be with their fitbride boxes :) 

SH: From a health perspective, what do you think is the single most important thing a bride-to-be can do to make sure she feels at her best for her wedding day?

FB: Two words: HAVE FUN!  After all a wedding is a celebration of your love!

However, we know that wedding planning can be stressful. If a bride is feeling stressed or overwhelmed we highly recommend she does two things: 1. Get her fitbride workout in (the endorphin boost will help, we promise!) and 2. Remember what this day is all about (a celebration of your love)!

SH: Tell us a bit about the Bachelorette Party Workout. What’s your favorite part about it?

FB: The Bachelorette Party Workout is 100% about having fun with your bride tribe! Our hope is that you laugh and encourage each other throughout the workout. Your bachelorette weekend is one of those times in life you’ll never forget and we hope we can be there with you for a small portion of it! And if we are, we’d love for you to share the fun photos you take during the workout! You could be our next featured bride tribe!

Download the Bachelorette Party Bootcamp Workout for free!  

SH: Any other fitness tips for brides-to-be? 

Three main tips. First, start your workout routine as soon as you can, ideally 4 months or more prior to your wedding. Don’t add the stress of trying to slim down a week prior to your wedding day. Second, eat as many healthy meals per week as you can. Cheat meals and a drink here and there are fine and won’t ruin your fitness goals, but only if you make the majority of your meals healthy. Third, and most important, really enjoy the process of planning your wedding. If you feel yourself getting stressed or overwhelmed, get a workout in. It’s amazing what a good sweat can do! Have fun and enjoy your wedding day and wedding prep!


Download your free Bachelorette Party Bootcamp Workout! 

Ready to sweat?! Download your free Stag & Hen Bachelorette Party Bootcamp brought to you by fitbride. Each workout includes two circuits (no equipment required!) that you can do at your hotel or house! 

Free Download | Bachelorette Party Bootcamp Workout

Download Bachelorette Party Bootcamp >

That's it, bach babes! Hope y'all love the workout and happy partying! If you have any other fun ideas for fitness activities at bachelorette parties, share below! 



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