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How to Plan the Ultimate #BachSweatSesh

Whether you're a maid of honor hosting your BFF's bachelorette or the bride looking for inspo for your own bachelorette party, we have some fantastic tips from the experts at Well Reserved on how to plan the ultimate Bach Party Sweat Sesh.

What's Well Reserved you ask? It's a pretty amazing company founded by two best-friends that curates private fitness experiences, led by instructors that will cater the workout to your group. Well Reserved currently plans fitness parties in the New York area, but have shared some tips for incorporating fitness experiences for bachelorette parties anywhere. If you are planning a bachelorette in the New York area (especially the Hamptons!), we definitely recommend giving these ladies a call.

Well Reserved | Bachelorette Party Fitness

Tatyana and Jenniffer, best friends and co-founders of Well Reserved

Tip 1: Pick a sweat sesh that compliments the rest of the party activities.

Is it a long weekend getaway with some serious partying planned? If so, we'd recommend a restorative yoga sesh followed by a hearty, but healthy, brunch with your babes. After a night, or multiple nights (for the brides that like to party), of partying, who doesn't need a fab detox? Check out yoga studios in the party city to reserve space in a group class or inquire about a private sesh just for you and the girls. 

Perhaps, your crew is staying local and just want a fun night out together. Well then we'd suggest the main event be a heart-pumping, dance-in-heals sweat sesh. It's sexy, healthy and another excuse to break out those six-inchers you love so much, but can only wear 1-2 hours tops. Oh and think of all the fun photo-ops! Look for local Dance Fitness Classes with good sound tracks! 

Bachelorette Party Sweat Session

A #bachsweatsesh that the Well Reserved team planned for bride-to-be Angel - bootcamp taught by Jess Glazer followed by manicures by Hortūs Nailworks and rosé (of course!). 

Tip 2: Decide if the sweat sesh should come to you... or if you should go to it! 

We know, not something you've really had to think about before, but trust us, it matters! Think about where you'll be (i.e., at a beach front hotel or a house rental) and what state the squad will be in after a night out. If your crew is feeling adventurous and want to keep the sweat sesh party somewhat of a surprise, then we definitely recommend having it somewhere fun and unexpected. If you're aiming for comfortable, casual and laid back then, heck, plan to have it in your backyard!

If you aren't somewhere where Well Reserved can plan your sweat sesh, reach out to local personal trainers and fitness studios to see if they offer private classes or can come to you!

Bachelorette Party Sweat Session

A bachelorette yoga session on the beach, followed by brunch!

Tip 3: Tailor your sweat sesh to the bride's style!

Lastly, you'll want to zero in on the bride's style or her favorite things, making sure it's represented in the sweat sesh. Here are a couple of examples to get the idea juices flowin': 

1. She's all about Beyonce (who isn't?) -  Plan to incorporate Queen Bey's music and some fab one-piece body suits for all the ladies to workout in. Don't forget some lemonade (obvi) for a post workout thirst quencher. 

2. She's the Charlotte in the crew (a la SATC) - Go for a classy, bridal vibe with an all white or blush floral backdrop for selfies, some ElderFlower Rose (our fave is Belvior) for a healthy, non-alcoholic drink alternative and a monogrammed yoga mat commemorating the occasion. 

Bachelorette Party Sweat Session

For this glam bride-to-be, Angel, the Well Reserved team had floral designers Verdant NYC and Nunko decorate the studio with flowers. For a post-workout treat, the girls enjoyed manis by Hortūs Nailworks and rosé.

Thanks for letting us share our tips, ladies! We're all about taking the obligation out of working out and bringing friends together through fitness. We love getting creative with every fitness event/get-together we host and none are too big or too small so shoot us an email to get started on planning yours! Follow us @wellreserved and subscribe to our emails at to stay up-to-date on all the fun!
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