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Meet Our 2022 Bachelorette Party Themes

It's launch day, bach babes! Since 2018, Stag & Hen has made it a tradition to kick off each year with new bachelorette party themes. There was Camp Bachelorette in 2021, Tropic Like It's Hot in 2020 and Let's Get Nauti in 2019, just to name a few. 

We pour our heart and soul into every theme we create, but something about this year's collections feels different... special. It may sound a little cheesy, but it's almost as if somewhere along the way each theme developed its own distinctive identity and personality. There's a genuine spirit about these collections we personally haven't seen anywhere else on the market. 

Given this, it didn't feel right to put our new collections out into the world without sharing a little bit about the inspiration behind each one. We are so proud of how our new themes turned out and hope you love them as much as we do. Enjoy!

Bride's Last Disco
Boogie With Me, I'm The Bride To Be

Disco Bachelorette Party Theme

We came to boogie, babes! After seeing the disco cowgirl trend take off this past year, I knew we had to do something disco for 2022. I was even more convinced when upon further research the only bachelorette party gear I could find was hot pink and inscribed with "disco bride." Where were the sparkles?! The soul train?! The groovy vibes?! Something had to be done!

So, after spending a few days jamming to the best disco playlists on Spotify I could find, I landed on our phrasing: "boogie with me, I'm the bride to be" and "we came to boogie." From there, the team got to work developing a logo, picking a color scheme, and deciding on products. Six rounds of artwork revisions later, we finalized our collection and could not love it more. 

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Best Weekend Ever
Pastel Preppy Vibes 

Best Weekend Ever Bachelorette Party Theme

This theme was inspired entirely by my favorite t-shirt from one of my favorite places, that just also happens to be where I had my bachelorette weekend, Rosemary Beach, Florida. Said shirt is a simple, pastel blue pocket tee with "Rosemary Beach" in arched letters on the pocket. After spotting this shirt in the gift shop, I thought about how cute it would look for a bachelorette group to mix and match the colors the shirt was offered in... almost like the colorful, pastel beach houses dotted along the 30A coastline.

This moment had me convinced we needed to create an airy, beachy bachelorette party theme with a pastel color pallet and preppy pocket tees. The next step was to decide on what we wanted our artwork to say. Following the lead of Rosemary Beach, we chose to keep things classy with a simple "bride" and "babe" on the front pocket and a fun, three color pastel "Best Weekend Ever" logo on the back with airy, cloud-like vibes. What resulted is a classic and cute theme that is perfect for any destination.

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Vino Before Vows
Here Comes The Party 

Vino Before Vows Vineyard Winery Bachelorette Party Theme

It's no surprise that wine country is a favorite destination amongst brides to celebrate their final fling, which is exactly why we knew we needed to create a wine-themed bachelorette party collection. Unlike many of our collections, this one started with a creative vision for the look and feel, not a phrase. We wanted the design to have a Great Gatsby, art deco feel to it - something super classy, just like the vineyards the groups would be visiting. The phrasing on the other hand was a lot more difficult to nail down.

We decided the typical cheesy wine pun like "on cloud wine" or "pour the wine, his last name is mine" wasn't the right direction, but weren't quite sure what was. The "ah-hah" moment happened while I was out shopping. I saw a "Here Comes The Bride" greeting card and the light bulb went off. Why not try "Here Comes The Bride" and "Here Comes The Party"?! It felt perfect. We could utilize colors and artwork to incorporate the the wine-theme while successfully avoiding those cheesy puns.

After a whopping seven revisions, we landed on our final artwork which includes grapevine-inspired swirls, a wine glass and engagement ring symbol and classy art deco text brought to life in burgundy, blush and cream colors. 

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Final Fiesta 
No Time To Siesta, It's The Final Fiesta

Final Fiesta Bachelorette Party Theme

A world without fiestas is a world we don't want to live in. The Final Fiesta bachelorette party theme has been going strong for the past several years and we really hope that doesn't change! The beautiful blend of Mexican and American cultures, colorful decorations, traditional food and drink and overall good vibes make it tough to find a celebration more joyous than a fiesta, especially one that's honoring a bride-to-be. 

Not wanting to say goodbye to our existing Final Fiesta theme but knowing it was in need of an update, we decided to redesign it with a fresh look and feel. Inspired by southwestern landscapes and towns like Santa Fe and Scottsdale, we started with a muted color pallet and desert iconography. Our lead designer, Michelle, hand-illustrated canyons, cactus plants and desert skies before we decided a simple saguaro and agave cactus was the right direction for this look. Paired with a funky southwestern sans serif text, we finalized the design in our seventh round of revisions. 

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Dazed & Engaged
Alright Alright Alright

Dazed & Engaged Bachelorette Party Theme

The idea for our Dazed & Engaged theme came about while I was watching the movie Dazed & Confused at a pop up, drive-in movie theatre during the beginning months of the pandemic in 2020. Having spent my college and young adult years in Austin, I was a huge fan of the movie (which is filmed in Austin) and was especially excited to see it at the drive-in. What I didn't expect was to also have a light-bulb moment for an "Austin" bachelorette party theme, something I had been working on for a long time. 

After joking with my husband about whether the bride's shirt should read "Dazed & Engaged" or "Engaged & Confused" (I'll let you guess which one was his pick), the team and I got to work designing our "Dazed & Engaged" and "Aright Alright Alright" bachelorette party tees (#iykyk). Inspired by the movie, a retro 1970s tie-dye shirt felt like the only option. A few weeks later, we launched the new design and it took off! Because this has been such a popular theme, this year we decided to expand the collection to offer party cups, fanny packs, invitations and games in addition to the shirts. By the way, if you see any other "Dazed & Engaged" products on the market, you can rest assured our shirts were the OG! :) 

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There you have it - our 2022 bachelorette party collections! With these five new additions, Stag & Hen now offers a total of 20 party themes and over 300 products. You can also find planning inspiration and tips in our bachelorette party city guides and blog posts. Happy partying, bach babes! 





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