Mexico Bachelorette: Kristin's Party in Playa

Playa Del Carmen Bachelorette Party Ideas

There's not many better spots to spend your last weekend as a single lady than by the ocean! When it came time for bride-to-be Kristin to plan her bachelorette party, she knew she wanted a beach bash, so her and her bride tribe packed their bags and headed south to Playa Del Carmen to celebrate. Cue the margaritas! 


The Weekend Itinerary 
What They Did

From a private pool party (complete with plenty of floaties, of course) to dancing and drinks downtown, Kristin and her bride tribe made the most of her bachelorette weekend in Playa Del Carmen! Here's a peek at what the girls did on their trip. 

• Afternoon - Arrive in Mexico and head to The Royal Playa Del Carmen Resort
• Evening - Dinner at Pellicanos at the resort 

•  Day - Pool Party! Champagne, cocktails & room service at a private pool at the resort
•  Evening - Sushi & drinks at Asiana in a private room at the resort 
•  Night - Neon Night! Bars, clubs & dancing in downtown Playa Del Carmen at Mandala Night Club and Coco Bongo decked out in neon party outfits 

• Morning - Brunch at the resort 
• Day - Beach day in matching tanks 
• Evening - Room service, lingerie shower and party games in the hotel room
• Night - Cocktails and drinks at the resort 

•  Breakfast and head home! 

Playa Del Carmen Bachelorette Party Ideas
Lounging around beachside in matching Bride Squad swimsuits 

The Bachelorette Pad
Where They Stayed

A big part of what made Kristin's bachelorette party so fantastic was the all-inclusive resort the girls crashed at. Kristin had stayed at The Royal before and knew it was a winner. And to make the trip just a little more special, the girls booked a suite complete with a private pool and butler service! 

The Royal Playa Del Carmen All-Inclusive Resort 
Suite with Private Pool and Butler Service
Playa Resorts -

Playa Del Carmen Bachelorette Party Ideas

The girls stayed in an all-inclusive resort in a suite with a private pool and butler service!

The Budget Breakdown
Where They Paid

By staying at an all-inclusive resort, the girls were able to avoid spending tons of money out at restaurants and on drinks and groceries. Here's a breakdown of what the weekend cost per person - flights included. 

Total Weekend Cost: $1250 per person
19 total attendees 

•  Flights - ~$400/person
•  All-Inclusive Hotel (3 nights) - $650/person 
•  Transportation - $100/person 
•  Favors & Decorations - $100/person

Playa Del Carmen Bachelorette Party Ideas
Neon Night! Dancing in downtown Playa Del Carmen with neon glow sticks

The Party Favors 
How They Accessorized 

No bachelorette party is complete without some bride tribe bling! Here's a round-up of how Kristin and her bride tribe accessorized. 

•  Custom Tank Tops (Geneology)
•  Neon Dresses (various vendors) 
•  Bride Squad Swimsuits ($35, BooHoo)
•  Drink Floaties ($9 for a set of 3, similar)
•  Seashell Pool Float ($48, Urban Outfitters)
•  Gold Flash Tattoos ($32 for a set of 15, similar)
•  Last Sail Before the Veil banner ($32, PopFizzHooray)
•  Neon Glow Sticks ($0.84, Joissu)
•  Custom Sun Hat ($60, BeauCoProper)
•  Booty Veil ($30, similar)

Playa Del Carmen Bachelorette Party Ideas
The bride-to-be with custom sunhat and seashell pool float

The Round Up
Where They Ate, Drank & Celebrated

Finding great restaurants and good vendors can be tough! Here's a round up of some ofthe spots and companies Kristin and her I Do Crew recommend from her bachelorette bash. 

•  Hotel - The Royal Playa Del Carmen Resort (
•  Travel Agent - The Simple Sol (
•  Dinner - Pellicanos at the resort
•  Dinner - Asiana at the resort 
•  Bars/Clubs - Mandala Night Club (
•  Bars/Clubs - CocoBongo (

Playa Del Carmen Bachelorette Party Ideas
The bride and some of her besties hanging at their private pool! 

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