Mexico Bachelorette: R&R in Cabo San Lucas

Ahh the BEACH. There's not many better spots to hang with your girls for a bachelorette weekend. And when it came time for bride-to-be and Texas native Kristen to celebrate, Cabo San Lucas was a perfect destination for her and her bride tribe to jet off to. 

We're extra excited about this recap because not only is the bachelorette a friend and fellow Texas Longhorn grad, but one of her besties, Kinsey, has the cuuuteessstt fashion blog! She featured the party in her blog and gave some tips on where to find the most adorable - and affordable - swimsuits for a beach getaway. If you're a fashionista looking for cute finds, we highly recommend you check out Kinsey's blog and Instagram

Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party Ideas

Kristen and her Bride Tribe at dinner at Edith's in Cabo San Lucas

The Weekend Itinerary 
What They Did

This bachelorette party is right up our alley! The girls got plenty of R&R on the beach along with a few fun nights of bachelorette shenanigans out in town. Want even more scoop about the party? Check out one of Kristen's bridesmaid's recap of the weekend on her blog :) 

• Morning - Arrive in Cabo and head to Cabo Villas Beach Resort
• Afternoon - Bottle service on the beach
• Evening - Dinner at Edith's (a MUST in Cabo!) 
• Night - Bottle service and dancing at Squid Roe

• Morning - Beachside brunch at the resort 
• Day - Lunch at Mango Deck
• Evening - Lingerie shower, dinner and fireworks at the resort 
• Night - Drinks and dancing at Mandala Night Club

•  Breakfast and head home! 

Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party Ideas
Kristen and her Bride Tribe at brunch at the resort

The Bachelorette Pad
Where They Stayed

For Kristen's bachelorette, the girls crashed in two 2 bedroom suites at Cabo Villas. The hotel was in a great location - beachside but close to town for dinner and drinks out. 

Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa
Booked two 2 bedroom suites to accommodate 12 girls

Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party Ideas

The Cabo Villas was the perfect spot for Kristen and her I Do Crew! 

The Budget Breakdown
What They Paid

Kristen and her bride tribe were all about finding a fun and convenient get away for her bachelorette weekend! Since Mexico is just a 2.5 hour flight from Texas, Cabo was a no-brainer for these mostly-Houston natives. Here's a breakdown of what the girls budgeted for the weekend. 

Total Weekend Cost: $900 per person
12 total attendees 

•  Flights - ~$500/person
•  Hotel Suites (2 nights) - $275/person 
•  Transportation - $100/person 
•  Favors & Decorations - $25/person

Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bridesmaids Kristen & Kinsey in their heart sunglasses! Check out Kinsey's blog to find out where her adorable one piece is from :)

The Party Favors 
How They Accessorized 

Kristen and her I Do Crew kept the party favors simple with some heart sunglasses for the girls and a few fun accessories for the Future Mrs. 

•  Hot Pink Heart Sunglasses (Stag & Hen, $6 each)
•  Monogrammed Tumblers (The Product Farm, $10 each)
•  Beach Bags - (Similar - Etsy, StringBirdBoutique, $10 each)
•  Bride To Be Headband (Stag & Hen, $6) 
•  Bride To Be Sash (Stag & Hen, $20) 
•  Flamingo Drink Floaties (Stag & Hen, $9 for a set of 3)
•  Tissue Paper Tassel Garland (Similar - Stag & Hen, $30) 

Cabo San Lucas Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bride-to-Be Kristen with her sash and headband!

The Round Up
Where They Ate, Drank & Celebrated

Finding great restaurants and hotels can be tough! Here's a round up of some of the spots Kristen and her I Do Crew recommend from her bachelorette bash. 

•  Hotel - Cabo Villas Beach Resort (
•  Dinner - Edith's (
•  Lunch/Drinks - Mango Deck (
•  Bars/Clubs - Mandala Night Club (
•  Bars/Clubs - Squid Roe (

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