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6 Instagrammable Murals To Visit During Your Bachelorette Party in Scottsdale

Heading to Scottsdale for your bachelorette party and dreaming of capturing that perfect group photo? We're spilling the tea on where to find the best wall murals to snap your bachelorette party pics - and it's not where you might think. Just 25 minutes from downtown Scottsdale, nearby Gilbert, AZ is a lesser known hot spot for those Instagrammable wall murals everyone loves. The best part? These murals are located just minutes away from one another, meaning you and your bride squad can stop at all six murals in under an hour and still have plenty of time for a jam-packed afternoon celebrating the bride to be. 

Now that the cat is out of the bag, let the mural-hopping fun begin! Fuel up for your day of photo-taking with brunch in downtown Gilbert's charming Heritage District (we love The Farmhouse Restaurant or Snooze), then use the list below to guide your bride squad from mural to mural. Not only will you get loads of adorable party pics, you'll also get to enjoy some amazing local artwork in the process. 

PS - Want to make your photos even more epic? Book a tour with Photowalk Scottsdale. Their team of photographers will show you around to their favorite spots while snapping professional photos. 

1. O.H.S.O Mural

Where To Find It: OHSO Brewery & Distillery (335 N Gilbert Rd. #102)

This mural painted by Beth Jagielko is inspired by Arizona postcards. This incredible piece really encompasses the beauty of the desert. Pose in front of this mural in our matching Final Fiesta Tees to showcase your bachelorette trip to Gilbert and show your friends where you've been exploring on your travels!

Scottsdales Best Insta-Worthy Murals - Photowalk Tours Scottsdale


2. Desert Dream Mural

Where to Find It: The Porch next to Oregano's (225 N Gilbert Rd.)

This mural shows off the true beauty that lies within the desertscape. Bringing bright Arizona colors and native plants of the state on this massive four piece mural set alongside The Porch Gilbert. Artists Leila Parnian, Price Goodman and Milenko Mladjenovic all worked together to create this dream piece honoring their beautiful native landscape.

Scottsdales Best Insta-Worthy Murals - Photowalk Tours Scottsdale


3. Topo Mural

Where To Find It: Topo Arizona (301 N Gilbert Rd. Bldg 2)

This piece is on the south side of Topo Arizona, a burrito and soft serve ice cream spot, against the wall of Joe’s Real BBQ done by Mr. Mike. Bringing elements of the native prints and beautifully painted desert scenery this mural really has it all! Get a few photos of the bride squad in matching heart sunnies before heading inside for some delicious bbq or a burrito and soft serve at Topo! 

Scottsdales Best Insta-Worthy Murals - Photowalk Tours Scottsdale


4. American Legion Mural

Where To Find It: American Legion Veterans Organization (206 N Gilbert Rd.)

This mural was painted as a community project done by the Gilbert Leadership Class XXI to pay homage to the World War I era of the city. Since the unveiling of this massive township piece, a plaque has been added and this is now recognized by the Heritage District History Walk!

Scottsdales Best Insta-Worthy Murals - Photowalk Tours Scottsdale


5. Colorful Splotches Mural

Where To Find It: Zinburger (344 N Gilbert Rd.)

This fun and colorful mural is painted on the side of Zinburger. As you walk up to this mural before entering the restaurant make sure to capture some fun bachelorette photos (can we talk about how cute would the crew look in coordinating cowboy hats?) in front of this lively piece of artwork painted by Andy Brown.

Scottsdales Best Insta-Worthy Murals - Photowalk Tours Scottsdale


6. Angel Wings Mural

Where To Find It: Sushi Brokers (250 N Gilbert Rd. #101)

Painted by Dee Ann Von Lintel and Cris Olson this mural was created to empower your inner confidence. They designed the center as a ball out power that radiates out and touches those who decide to take a photo with their artwork.

Scottsdales Best Insta-Worthy Murals - Photowalk Tours Scottsdale

In case you missed it mentioned above, the best way to capture your afternoon exploring Gilbert's wall murals is by booking a tour with Photowalk Scottsdale. The one hour tour includes a professional photographer who will guide your crew from mural to mural (and give posing advice!) while snapping pics. Click here to schedule your Photowalk Experience!  

Now that you know all the best photo spots in Scottsdale, don't forget to stock up on must-have bachelorette party accessories like matching sunglasses and shirts to complete your party look. And if you're looking for even more Scottsdale bachelorette party activity ideas, check out our Scottsdale city guide for itinerary inspiration and planning tips.



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