How An Instagram Collaboration Inspired Our New Lesbian Bachelorette Party Collection

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Allie and Sam, the ladies who inspired our new Lesbian bachelorette party collection, posing with our Same ^-^ Forever party cups

LOVE WINS! Earlier this week we launched our new LGBTQ bachelorette party collection and I am SO excited to finally share the story behind how this theme came to be. In truth, it's not all that different from why we launched Stag & Hen in the first place: to fill a need for tasteful and cute bachelorette party supplies. But there's more to the story than just that! 

It starts in January 2019 after we discovered the cutest engaged couple, Allie and Sam, on Instagram. We decided to reach out and see if the blushing brides-to-be would be interested in collaborating with us for their bachelorette parties. When they agreed, we were thrilled! 

Allie and Sam had three bachelorette parties, separate celebrations in Montreal and Toronto and one together in Halifax. We sent them a ton of fun goodies like our Champagne Campaign tanks and party cups to help them celebrate, but in the process, had a very important realization:

We had no bachelorette party themes designed specifically for our LGBTQ brides (not. cool). 

While we still had plenty of decorations and accessories Allie and Sam were able to use for their parties, we were disappointed with ourselves for not offering any products specifically for our LGBTQ brides. What's worse? When we shopped around, we weren't the only ones who had overlooked this important group of women. The options for lesbian bachelorette parties were slim pickins' and most of what was available was TOTALLY tacky. 

In that moment, we made it our mission to create a cute and classy bachelorette party collection designed to celebrate the love of LGBTQ brides. After several months of brainstorming, gathering feedback from our lesbian friends and customers (including Allie and Sam!), and multiple designs later, we finally launched our Two Brides Are Better Than One Bachelorete Party Collection

And you guys. It's AWESOME! From rainbow bachelorette party cups to punny party banners and super-soft tanks, this collection has everything you need to host the cutest and classiest lesbian bachelorette weekend. Here's a preview of some of the new products in the collection:

 Lesbian Bachelorette Party Supplies | LGBTQ Bachelorette Party Supplies

Lesbian Bachelorette Party Supplies | LGBTQ Bachelorette Party Supplies

Lesbian Bachelorette Party Supplies | LGBTQ Bachelorette Party Supplies

Lesbian Bachelorette Party Supplies | LGBTQ Bachelorette Party Supplies
Allie and Sam, the bloggers who inspired our Two Brides Are Better Than One Bachelorette Party Collection, showing off their favorite products from the theme 

Besides cups, shirts and banners, the collection also incorporates other essential party supplies like fun decorations for your bachelorette party pad, unique accessories for party guests and must-haves for the brides-to-be. We are planning to roll out even more products to this collection over the year, so keep following along to see what we launch next! 

Shop the Two Brides Are Better Than One Collection here >

We are so proud to be a company that supports ALL kinds of love and couldn't be more pleased with how this collection turned out. We hope you love it too! 

Jenny | Stag & Hen Founder 

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