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10 Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies for an Unforgettable Weekend

Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies

Hosting the perfect bachelorette party weekend can be a lot of pressure. Between finding a place to stay, researching fun activities and managing a budget, there's a lot to do! That's why we've rounded up a list of essential bachelorette party supplies for hosting an unforgettable bach weekend. As long as you have the items below, plus your girls - you guys are in for a great time! 

1. Something special for the bride (so she gets free drinks, duh)

Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies | Headband Veil
Boho Headband Veil: Stag & Hen - $48

We know, we know... sometimes a sash or crown can feel TOTALLY cheesy, but trust us, this is a KEY accessory for the bride-to-be. Why?! So everyone she encounters knows its her bachelorette party and gives her extra attention and hopefully, free drinks! Not sure what to get? We've got a whole section of accessories just for the bride to give you some ideas! 


2. A cute or funny party banner 

Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies | Party Banner

Party Banners: Stag & Hen - $18

If you only buy one decoration for the weekend, make SURE it's a party banner with a cute or funny phrase! Bonus points for if it includes the bachelorette's name or the party hashtag. Wanna go the extra mile? Snag some balloons to scatter around or a pretty tissue paper tassel garland like the one you see here.


3. Hangover supplies! Bonus points if they come in a cute kit.

Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies | Hangover Kits

Hangover Kit Bags: becollective - $2+

Alright... there's nothing like a hangover to kill a good party, so make sure you are stocked up on all the essential headache cures. We're talking gatorade, aspirin, lots of caffeine and tums, y'all! And for bonus points? Package up all the essentials in a cute hangover kit bag like these from becollective


4. A short-list of fun restaurants and bars in the area 

Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies | Fun Bars

This one is SO important to hosting a great bachelorette party. Make sure to spend time researching good brunch and dinner spots before the weekend - and for really popular spots, make a reservation. Don't stop there! Put together a list of the fun bars and cocktail lounges in the area so you ladies can spend more time having fun and less time googling. 


5. Matching I Do Crew accessories for at least one Insta-worthy photo op

Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies | Heart Sunglasses

Photo: Ali Smith Style | Heart Sunglasses: Stag & Hen - $6 each

If you're not into matching shirts, then go for cute sunglasses, party hats or swimsuits. Not only do these accessories make a great party favor, but they are perfect for a memorable photo from the weekend... and sure to get you lots of Insta likes! 


6. Reusable party cups for the pre-game(s)

Bachelorette Party Supples | Bride Tribe Party Cups

Party Cups: Stag & Hen - $12 for a set of 8

Solo cups are great, but what's even better are festive (and reusable) bachelorette party cups! These Bride Tribe Party Cups are great because they can be rinsed out and used all weekend long. And how could you pass up the adorable phrase?! Yes please! 


7. A well-stocked bubbly bar (with cute cocktail napkins, of course)

Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies | Bubbly Bar

Cocktail Napkins: Stag & Hen - $6 for a pack of 20

It's not a bachelorette party without some bubbly! Make sure that before arriving to your party pad, you make a pit stop for some wine, champagne, prosecco... you get the idea. Not sure how much to buy? Check out this article for some tips! Oh yeah... and cute cocktail napkins don't hurt either! 

8. Snacks on snacks on snacks!

Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies | Cookies

DIY Cookies: Sweet Sugar Belle

This one may seem obvious, but you can't throw a good bach weekend without lots of good snacks! Ask the bride-to-be what her favorites are and make sure to add them to your grocery list ahead of time. For a fun surprise and special treat, contact a local baker to get custom sugar cookies made too - or make them yourself! Here's a great DIY from Sweet Sugar Belle.  

9. An app like Splitwise or Venmo to help with splitting costs

Bachelorette Party Supplies | Budget Tracker Apps

Gone are the days of having to spend 30 minutes after dinner sorting out how much everyone owes - thank goodness! Finally there are apps like Venmo and Splitwise that make splitting costs a little easier. We personally love Splitwise because it tracks costs throughout the weekend then calculates how much each person owes - and to whom - at the end of the trip. Genius! 

10. One or two fun party games - especially if you need an icebreaker. 

Essential Bachelorette Party Supplies | Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Pong: Stag & Hen - $24

While traditional bachelorette party games can be SO SO cheesy, there are actually a ton of really fun ones out there... like Prosecco Pong (genius!). A fun party activity or game can also double as a great icebreaker if you are hosting a party where not everyone knows each other.  And no one says you can't go with the classics like Cards Against Humanity or Catch Phrase if the bach party games just aren't your thing. 


There you have it, bach babes! Make sure to snag the above items and you'll be in good shape to host a bachelorette party the bride-to-be will love. Have some party essentials of your own? Share 'em in the comments below!




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