The Top Bachelorette Party Trends of 2018

Top Bachelorette Party Trends of 2018
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We surveyed over 1,000 women to find out what the top bachelorette party destinations are, how much they are spending to attend, and more.

Over the past five years, bachelorette parties have exploded. No longer are brides-to-be celebrating their final fling with a simple night out on the town. Instead, brides and theirĀ squadsĀ are jet-setting to destinations around the world for weekend-long getaways with their besties.Ā 

We wanted to know more about this new trend that's taking our cities by storm, so we surveyed over 1,000 women around the United States to find out how they are celebrating the last fling before the ring.Ā 

Some of our favorite findings? Despite a very close race with Nashville, Las Vegas reigns king as the favorite party destination, 59% of parties have 10 or more guests (woah!), and contrary to popular belief, strippers areĀ ļ»ænotļ»æ common at most parties.

On top of that, theĀ majority ofĀ women attend two or more bachelorette partiesĀ perĀ year and many spend $500 or more on each weekend. Thatā€™s over $1,000 a year spent on travel, swag (you know ā€“ matching shirts and flower crowns) and activities for bachelorette parties. Better start saving!

Now more than ever, brides are going all out to host memorable bachelorette weekends with their best girlfriends. Hereā€™s more about how brides-to-be are celebrating their last fling before the ring:Ā Ā 

Top Bachelorette Party Trends

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