Baby Goat Yoga Class with GOGA

Can we talk about how fun this idea is for a bachelorette party?! Kick off your Saturday with a yoga class with baby goats... yep, we're serious! At GOGA Goat Yoga, you will enjoy a 45 minute Vinyasa Yoga class while baby Nigerian Pygmy Dwarf goats walk, run, hop and kiss their way around your mat. After the class wraps up, you'll have 15 more minutes to snap a few photos with your new goat friends. Private classes are also available upon request.  



$30 per person
Capacity:  Good for groups up to 35
- 45 minute goat yoga class plus 15 minutes for photos
- Water
- Yoga mats available to borrow
Private classes at the studio start at $600 per class. Offsite starts at $1200 per class
Neighborhood: Bee Cave

 Photos courtesy of 

GOGA Goat Yoga

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