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17 Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas for the COVID-19 Bride

2020 is the year of virtual everything, so it’s only natural that bachelorette parties are making major changes. If COVID-19 cancelled your trip, don’t lose hope! We’ve already shared our tips for planning an at-home bachelorette party, and now we are dropping ideas for a virtual bachelorette party that is actually fun. Pinky promise. So pick a weekend, grab a bottle of champagne and be near WiFi, because your celebration is on and poppin’!

Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas

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1. Surprise The Bride With A Cameo From A Celebrity Guest

A celebrity-sighting is just what you need to pump up the party. Purchase a Cameo for the bride from her favorite player, singer or reality tv star. Ask them to give marriage tips, send well wishes or do a funny roast for the bride and groom. Either way, this is a party favor she will never forget!


2. Put Your Friendship To The Test With a Virtual Game Of Trivia

Find out how well you know the bride with a little trivia challenge. Pour a glass of wine, park it on the couch and zoom into a call with the bridal party to see who knows the bride best! We make it super easy for you with these downloadable bachelorette games.

Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas

Download this free bride trivia game from Stag & Hen 


3. Pick Your Palette With A Virtual Painting Class

Join a virtual Painting with a Twist class and you can get professional instruction from the comfort of your couch. Their artist entertainers will walk you through the template and make sure that, when all is said and done, you have a painting you’re proud of!


4. Spoil The Bride With Bachelorette Party Swag

Build a bag of goodies for the bride before the bachelorette weekend. Have them delivered to her house so that she can party in style and feel extra special with themed accessories. We love this veil and sash and trust us, she will too! You can throw in funny groom stickers and silly penis straws to put her in bachelorette party mode.

5. Say Cheers To The Bride At A Virtual Happy Hour

Find the best cocktail recipe on Pinterest, print out several copies and package them up in cute party cups to send to the squad before the bachelorette weekend. Everyone can Zoom in and toast to the bride together! The best part? No need for Ubers or DDs!


6. Take It Up A Notch With Themed Attire

Pick a party theme and bring it to life by dressing for it! Saddle up with cowboy hats and bandanas for the Bride’s Last Ride, or say olé at the Final Fiesta, complete with sombreros and matching party cups! Either way, adding a special touch to the party will make the bride feel extra special.


7. Go Full Glam With A YouTube Makeup Tutorial

No girls’ night is complete without good old fashioned makeovers. This is the perfect time to hone your skills with a YouTube tutorial. Discuss tips and tricks via Zoom and see who is an undercover MUA! We love this elevated everyday look, but the corners of YouTube have millions of options to choose from.


8. Sweat It Out With A Virtual Bachelorette 5k

If you want to share a sweat sesh with the girls but can’t do it in person, pick a morning for everyone to run a virtual 5k together. You can lace up and hit the pavement at the same time, record your results and chat about it afterwards. This 5k kit has everything you need to cross the finish line, including bibs, t-shirts and finisher medals!

9. Put Your Taste Buds To The Test With A Beer And Cheese Tasting

Beer, cheese, loungewear, there’s really no better combo for a chill group of bachelorettes. You can order a kit to brew your own beer at home (don’t say 2020 never gave us anything) or discover the best beer and cheese pairing with a live class. Either way, you’ll leave the weekend educated, entertained and full.


10. Get Behind The Bar With A Virtual Mixology Class

Shake some cocktails with the help of a professional! Just select what drinks you want to make and the pros at Fancy Sips will handle the rest. This hour and a half class is easy, fun and so deliciously refreshing. After learning from the best, you may never want to hit the bars again.
 Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas

Photo by Stag & Hen


11. Act A Fool With A Game of Charades

Get the party going with a virtual game of charades. This is such a fun way for everyone to be involved and we promise it’ll give the whole group a good laugh. There are lots of charade options online, but this one looks just dirty enough for a bachelorette party!


12. Dance It Out With A TikTok Tutorial

We know you’ve been peeping TikToks all of quarantine, so now is the time to make one for yourself! Pick a trending dance and have the whole squad learn it together. You can record your Zoom call to have a hilarious keepsake, and possibly blackmail. We suggest a few drinks (or shots) before this activity.


13. Search For Secrets With A Game Of Truth Or Dare

Play an old fashioned game of Truth or Dare to channel all the 90s sleepover vibes. While you’re at it, you might as well wear matching pajamas and prank call your ex. Stag & Hen is not responsible for any social damage that may occur.


14. Shower The Bride With Lingerie

Shower the bride in leather and lace with a virtual lingerie shower! Each member of the party can mail a sexy surprise to the bride for her to open on video with everyone. To make it a game, have the bride guess who sent what! Be sure to ask for her sizes in a group message before so that she doesn’t have to bother with returns.

Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas - Lingerie Shower Bingo

Download these free Lingerie Shower Bingo cards and send one to each guest before the happy hour!


15. Hire Virtual Entertainment For Cocktail Hour

What’s the only thing better than live music? Live music from the couch in your pajamas. Make it happen by hiring a local band or artist to Zoom into your party! This would be perfect for a happy hour celebration to kick off the weekend.


16. Make It Personal With A Video Appearance From The Groom

To add a sweet but funny touch to the party, record a video of the groom answering questions from our downloadable Quiz the Groom game. The bride will get all the warm and fuzzies listening to her groom gush his answers and planning this out beforehand shows how excited the bridal party was for the big weekend.

Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas

Download this free groom quiz from Stag & Hen 


17. Get Dirty With Provocative Pictionary

Get ready to LOL with a game of dirty pictionary. You can only imagine the funny things you’ll see in every Zoom square when you dare to play R rated pictionary. You can find ideas here, but proceed with caution because it might get a little raunchy. That’s what bachelorette parties are for, right?


Virtual parties are what you make them. Get ready for a good time and go all-in for every activity. There’s no wrong way to celebrate the bride-to-be, so enjoy the convenience of staying home and spend all your energy showing the bride how loved she is. When all is said and done, that’s what we are here for and nothing, not even 2020, can cancel that!



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