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The Top 20 Best-Selling Bachelorette Party Products of 2020

It's safe to say 2020 is not the year any of us expected it would be, especially for brides. From cancelled bridal showers and engagement parties to postponed weddings and honeymoons, brides have been through the wringer this year. Despite all the craziness, brides everywhere still managed to find safe and fun ways to celebrate their final flings. From virtual bachelorette parties to staycations, we saw some of the most creative bachelorette celebrations we've seen in a long time. 

Although the year is not quite yet over, we thought it'd be fun to share this year's most-loved bachelorette party gifts. Take a peek at our top 20 best-selling products from 2020 and then shop our entire collection of best-sellers. Bonus: from now until December 4th, brides can take 20% off their entire purchase with code 2020BRIDE. Enjoy! 

1. Bride Claw Slim-Fit Can Coolers 

If you know a bride who is hard seltzer obsessed, our slim-fit Bride Claw Can Coolers are an absolute must for her bachelorette party or bridal shower. Available in five fun flavors, these slim-fit can coolers were a hit the moment they launched in March!

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2. Final Fiesta Bachelorette Party Cups

Final Fiesta Bachelorette Party Cups | Stag & Hen

No time to siesta, it's the final fiesta! Nothing soothes a stressed bride's soul like tacos and a margarita, so it's no wonder our Final Fiesta Bachelorette Party Cups were a top-seller this year. Each set includes 14 orange cups for the guests and 1 special clear cup just for the bride-to-be. Bonus: they are made in the USA! 

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3. Retro Heart Sunglasses

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Retro Heart Sunglasses

A top-seller in 2019 as well, our retro heart sunglasses truly look adorable on just about every face-shape. Plus, they are great for any theme or location! Available in black, white and light pink, we think this a trend that is here to stay.

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4. Mini Sombrero Veil 

Mini Sombrero Veil with Pom Poms | Stag & Hen

Down to fiesta! Our mini sombrero veil was a top-seller again this year and similar to our Final Fiesta Party Cups, we're guessing it has something to do with the magic power bachelorette weekends with margaritas and tacos have for lowering stress-rates. 

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5. Bach & Boujee Bachelorette Party Cups 

Bach & Boujee Bachelorette Party Cups | Stag & Hen

Clearly our brides won't let a pandemic stop them from hosting a boujee bachelorette blow out! Seriously, though. We saw 2020 brides put together some very creative virtual and socially distanced get-togethers during quarantine, complete with a few boozy drinks. Did we mention these our Bach & Boujee Bachelorette Party Cups also made an appearance at Angelina's bachelorette party on MTV's Jersey Shore Reunion? If these cups are good enough for Snooki, they're good enough for you. 

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6. Let's Get Nauti Bachelorette Party Cups

Let's Get Nauti Bachelorette Party Cups | Stag & Hen

The perfect theme for the lake or the beach, our Let's Get Nauti Bachelorette Party Cups were a huge hit with the brides this year! Besides being perfect for a boozy boat day, these cups can be washed and reused all weekend long. 

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7. Bachelorette Party Cowboy Hats

Bachelorette Party Cowboy Hats | Stag & Hen

These boots were made for walking down the aisle! We're not sure if these hats hit record sales-levels as a result of the TikTok cowboy-hat decorating trend or Spacey Kacey making cowgirl cool again, but DANG! Our 2020 brides have been loving our cowgirl hats. Snag some now before they're gone... again!

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8. Pink Bride Straw

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Pink Bride Straw

Sip, sip, hooray... she's changing her last name! Whether you're having a virtual bachelorette party or skipping out on a party all together, this bride straw is still an absolute must for any bride-to-be. 

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9. Same Penis Forever Bachelorette Party Cups

Same Penis Forever Bachelorette Party Cups | Stag & Hen

If there's one thing we could all have used a little more of this year, it would be LAUGHS! Our Same Penis Forever Bachelorette Party Cups have been a best-seller two-years-running and it's easy to understand why. What bride doesn't love a good chuckle amidst the stress of wedding planning?! 

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10. Bride's Babes Sun Visors 

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Bride's Babes Retro Sun Visors

While they may not offer the best sun-protection, these retro Bride's Babes tennis visors definitely know how to party. Coming in at our number ten best-seller for the year, we could barely keep these cuties in stock during the summer! 

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11. I Do Crew Bandanas 

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | I Do Crew Bandanas

Not only are these bandanas cute, they're super affordable and they double as a face mask! Now if that doesn't make this the perfect pandemic party favor, we're not sure what does. Plus, the white bandana has "bride" embroidered on the edge for an extra special touch.

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12. 90s Bachelorette Party Heart Sunglasses 

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | 90s Bachelorette Sunglasses

The 90s are SO in and we are here for it. Now available in four new colors, our 90s bachelorette party sunglasses are a fun and funky accessory for any bride squad. We have a feeling these are going to be an even bigger trend in 2021!

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13. Sequin Bachelorette Party Face Masks 

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Sequin Face Masks

Wear a mask, save a life! It warms our hearts to have seen so many brides taking every precaution possible to have a safe bachelorette celebration during the pandemic, including wearing masks. At least with our fancy sequin masks, they could be stylish while being safe! 

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14. Same Penis Forever Party Straws 

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Same Penis Forever Party Straws

The classy version of that traditional bachelorette party straw, our Same Penis Forever straws were a total hit in 2020! Each set has 20 straws and five different colors, doubling as a great way to differentiate each guest's drinks. 

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15. Last Bash In Nash Bachelorette Party Cups

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Nashville Bachelorette Party Cups

Nashville continues to be a top bachelorette party destination, so it's no big surprise our Nash Bash bachelorette party cups earned a spot in this year's top 20 list. I mean, beer never looked so cute!

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16. Tiger King Bachelorette Party Shirts 

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Tiger King Bachelorette Shirts

Like we could talk about 2020 and not mention Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin? Please. Our Tiger King Bachelorette Party Shirts started off as a joke, but after they broke the internet, we decided to make a batch and the rest is history. 

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17. Booze N' Babes Girls' Night Game

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Bachelorette Jenga Game

Everyone loves a good girls' night in, especially when there is a worldwide pandemic, which is why we aren't totally shocked to see this fun, Jenga-style bachelorette party game in our top 20 list! Our version puts a spin on the classic game by adding Truth or Dare style questions on each block. 

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18. Sun & Sand Bachelorette Party Cups

Sun & Sand Bachelorette Party Cups | Stag & Hen

Sun, sand and a ring on her hand! What better place to de-stress than the beach? Our Sun & Sand bachelorette party cups were a top-seller this year and totally get why... nothing like a strong cocktail to help a #covidbride unwind! 

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19. Tropic Like It's Hot Bachelorette Party Tanks 

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Tropic Like It's Hot Tanks

Tropic like it's hot, she's tying the knot! We were obsessed with our retro Tropic Like It's Hot party tanks the moment they hit the shelves and couldn't be more excited you ladies love them too! 

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20. Jumbo BRIDE Balloon Banner 

Best Bachelorette Party Gifts of 2020 | Jumbo BRIDE Balloon Banner

Rounding up this year's best-sellers list is our jumbo BRIDE balloon banner! This banner has been a favorite two years running and honestly, we're not sure if it will ever go out of style. This banner is probably the easiest way to make a HUGE splash with your bachelorette party decor. It's easy to pack and store, even easier to blow up and looks adorable in photos. 

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There you have it! This year's best-selling bachelorette party products. Which ones are on your list?!  PS - If you need more tips and tricks, be sure to check out the rest of our bachelorette party planning tips and advice and browse our city guides for more planning resources. 





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