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8 Reasons Why A Dance Class is a MUST For Your Nashville Bachelorette Party

Nashville Bachelorette Party Ideas - Dance Class With Studio Goddess

Congratulations! Your bestie has named you Maid of Honor, and you're in the midst of planning an epic bachelorette weekend for her in Nashville. Easy, right? We wish! Choosing activities you can feel confident the entire group will enjoy can be stressful, to say the least. 

Fear not, bach babes - we have the answer! Say hello to Studio Goddess, your dance class experts. Studio Goddess offers both private and public dance classes and caters to every level of dancing experience. Choose from pole dancing, burlesque, hip hop, line dancing and more. A class with Studio Goddess is a uniquely memorable and fun experience for the bride-to-be and her best babes - we promise the crew will love it!

Not convinced? Here are eight reasons to book a Studio Goddess dance class for your Nashville bachelorette party:

1. Get the party started right! 

A Studio Goddess dance class is a lively way to kick off the bachelorette celebrations, setting a babes supporting babes and girl power tone for the rest of the weekend. The Studio Goddess team will hype you and your lady gang up so much that you'll leave feeling like Beyoncè (and know a few of her moves, too). Count us in! 

Nashville Bachelorette Party Activity - Dance Class with Studio Goddess

2. Expert instructors = fun guaranteed. 

The Studio Goddess team is composed of professional dance instructors who can adapt the class to suit all abilities, ensuring that everyone can participate and have a good time, regardless of their dance experience. On a bachelorette party you're going to have multiple levels in one class which can be difficult for a novice instructor to navigate, but with over 13 years of experience and 10,000+ classes hosted, Studio Goddess is the authority in tailoring to the group's preferences in terms of music, dance style, and pace, making it a completely personalized experience!

3. Learn how to pole dance (c'mon, you know you're curious) amongst friends. 

You've always wanted to try a pole fitness class but don't want to sign-up for a public class, we get it. Studio Goddess pole dance classes are filled with tasteful sass and lots of laughter. It can also be a great way to break the ice among guests who haven't met. It's a chance to let loose, laugh, and create fun memories.

Studio Goddess Nashville Bachelorette Party Activity - Dance Class

4. Help the bride unwind from all the wedding stress. 

Wedding planning has some stressful moments, like having to cut your guest list or ball out on a tighter budget than expected. A dance class offers a great way to get out of your head and into your body. Booking a surprise burlesque class for your bride will get her ready to strut down the aisle with confidence as you learn to own your power and move with more elegance and poise in the relaxed yet spunky environment Studio Goddess provides.

5. Goodbye hangover! 

So you hit Broadway hard last night, as you should. Incorporating a dance class will help get you ready for round two. Nama-Slay hip hop yoga is a fun way to recover while you keep the party going. Great music and a good workout that's also a lot of fun, there is no better warm-up to rally for the night ahead.

Studio Goddess Nashville Bachelorette Party Activity - Dance Class

6. Get the bride squad reception ready with new dance moves.

Whether it's to move with more finesse during your first dance or to bust out a flash mob with your bridal party, it's an opportunity to learn new moves in a supportive environment. Studio Goddess's Southern Swagger Line Dance is the perfect class to learn a routine to perform at your reception. It's beginner friendly and totally original to Studio Goddess. Having a squad dance is also a major flex for getting free drinks downtown.

7. An experience all personalities will love.

Planning a bachelorette party means catering to different personalities, food preferences, lodging requests, and more. Booking a private dance class offers a safe and comfortable space for the group to enjoy themselves away from the crowds, which can be especially appreciated if the party includes a mix of ages and social appetites. You and your group will have a private dance studio to get as loud and rowdy as you would like.

8. Girl Math: It's three activities for the price of one!

Not only are the dance classes entertaining, Studio Goddess has their own downtown storefront that features several private dance studios, the cutest photo-ops in their indoor mural tour and a retail store filled with southern glam, souvenirs, and bachelorette outfits. It's the perfect place for fantastic photos and video opportunities that can be cherished long after the party is over. They'll make sure you leave with a full heart and full camera roll to keep the memories alive. You can snap, shake, and shop - the best bachelorette party activities all in one.

Studio Goddess Nashville Bachelorette Party Activity - Dance Class

While Nashville has no shortage of bachelorette activities, booking a dance class will not disappoint. Studio Goddess has been named Nashville's Best Bachelorette Activity and specializes in hosting classes where all experience levels are welcomed. Choose from a variety of dance classes to fit your group's vibe, like the Southern Swagger line dance lessons or for a more adventurous group, try aerial dancing. Want to boost the brides confidence before her big day? Try a burlesque or chair dance class!

No matter which class you choose, booking a dance class for a bachelorette party ensures an event filled with laughter, bonding, and unforgettable moments, making it a standout choice for those looking to celebrate in a unique and engaging way.



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