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Bahamas Bachelorette Cruise: Ali's Last Disco

Wondering how to really take the stress out of planning a bachelorette weekend? We have two words for you babes: Bachelorette Cruise. Forget expensive lodging, waiting on Ubers, splitting bills, and coordinating activities with multiple different vendors. When you book a cruise, you get everything you need for the perfect bachelorette party without having to worry about a bunch of logistics. When we first heard this idea, we weren't totally sure about it, but after recapping Ali's Bachelorette Cruise to the Bahamas, can officially state we are on board with the bachelorette cruise - pun intended :) Read on to learn all the details about Ali's Last Disco sailing with Royal Caribbean

Ali's Bachelorette Party In The Bahamas

The Weekend Itinerary 
What They Did

Ali and her bride squad had no shortage of fun on her bachelorette cruise to the Bahamas. The party kicked off with hanging out by the pool followed by games, drinks and pictures in Ali's bridal suite. That evening, they attended the cruise ship's 70s Dance Party in color-coordinated pink, orange and yellow attire. 

The festivities continued on Saturday with a stop in CoCoCay, a picturesque small island just north of Nassau. Afterwards, the group had dinner on the ship followed by a Silent Disco party (okay fun). 

On Sunday, the cruise stopped in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. The group spent the day relaxing on the beach before heading back to the ship for the Sexiest Man competition (if that isn't the perfect bachelorette weekend activity, we don't know what is, y'all!). That evening, they coordinated in all black outfits for dinner, a show and an encore Silent Disco party on the ship.

Ali's Bachelorette Party in the Bahamas - Pool Day
Theme of the day: Pink, Orange + Yellow

• Arrive at cruise terminal, board and check into cabins
• Lunch and drinks by the pool with the cruise DJ spinning tunes
• Get ready for dinner 
• Games, drinks + pictures in the bridal suite 
• Dinner followed by a 70s Dance Party at the Royal Promenade

Theme of the day: PINK!

• Meet at the bridal suite for coffee and catching up 
• Day exploring CoCoCay
DJ at the Oasis Lagoon with lunch and beach volleyball 
• Back on board and get ready for dinner 
Games, drinks + pictures in the bridal suite 
• Dinner followed by Silent Disco in the Star Lounge

Theme of the day: All Black

• Meet at the bridal suite for coffee and catching up 
• Day exploring Nassau! 
• Lunch and relaxing on the beach 
• Back on board for the "Sexiest Man" competition 
• Head to rooms to get ready for dinner 
• Games, drinks + pictures in the bridal suite 
• Dinner followed by the Once Upon A Time Show, Battle of the Sexes and Silent Disco 


Goodbyes and head home

Ali's Bachelorette Party In The Bahamas
Ali's Bachelorette Party in the Bahamas - Silent Disco

The Party Theme, Decor & Accessories
Bride's Last Disco 

Follow the call of the disco ball! Ali and her squad chose a disco theme with a bright pink, yellow and orange color pallet for the bachelorette festivities on board their cruise to the Bahamas. They accessorized with pink and gold Dazed & Engaged fanny packs and trucker hats, disco ball tumblers, heart-shaped sunnies, disco-themed party decor, monogrammed jute bags and color-coordinated outfits.

Where to shop Ali's Bachelorette Party Gear:

• Dazed & Engaged Trucker Hats |  Stag & Hen 
 Dazed & Engaged Fanny Packs | Stag & Hen 
 Disco Ball Tumblers | Sprinkled With Pink
 Heart-Shaped Sunglasses (similar) | Stag & Hen
 Monogrammed Jute Bags | Sprinkled With Pink
 Groom Heads | Party Pix Sticks

Ali's Bachelorette Party in the Bahamas - Silent Disco Night

The Cruise Details + Ali's Top Tips 
Where They Sailed & Lessons Learned

Ali grew up vacationing on cruises with her family, so when it came time to book her bachelorette trip, she chose to book with Royal Caribbean, her favorite cruise liner (duly noted). The trip the group booked for her bachelorette party was a 4-day, all-inclusive package with stops at CoCoCay and Nassau.

Here are Ali's Top Tips for planning a bachelorette party on a cruise:

  • Tip #1: If it's within your budget, have a few girls book a suite! This will give you some extra space to hang out before dinner for party games and drinks

  • Tip #2: Coordinate your attire and accessories! This really makes you stand out on the ship and makes the whole weekend feel so much more festive. Ali created mood boards for each evening's outfit vision to help her crew plan their attire. 

  • Tip #3: Choose a theme! This was a big help for Ali's MOH when selecting the party decor and gifts. She knew Ali would like whatever she picked as long as it fell within the chosen themes. 
  • Tip #4: Expand your guest list! Ali loved that her bachelorette weekend included both friends from her bridal party and beyond so everyone could get to know each other before the wedding. 

Ali's Bachelorette Party in the Bahamas - Pink NightDazed & Engaged Bachelorette Party Hat
There you have it - Ali's Bachelorette Cruise to the Bahamas! Need more bachelorette party ideas and advice? Check our our party shop, city guides or party planning blog for even more bachelorette party tips and inspiration.



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