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Charleston Bachelorette Services' Expert Tips for The Perfect Final Fling

Charleston Bachelorette Party - Expert Planning Tips
Every year, hundreds of brides-to-be and their besties touch down in Charleston, South Carolina to celebrate their final fling. To the outsider, it may look like these groups are travel veterans, but anyone who's planned a destination bachelorette party before knows it is harder than it looks, especially if you're traveling to a city you've never been to before. 

That's why we sat down with bachelorette party planners Meredith and Laura from Charleston Bachelorette Services to get their expert tips on what makes Charleston a fantastic party destination, their top itinerary picks, and more. Bookmark this post and be sure to take notes - you're not going to want to miss these pointers, ladies! Let the Q&A begin... 

S&H: In your opinion, what makes Charleston a great destination for a bachelorette party?

CBS: There is something for everyone! Beaches, boats, city life, shopping, history, nightlife! Truly fun for anyone.

S&H: What neighborhood is your favorite for a bachelorette group to stay?

CBS: Downtown Charleston for sure! Almost all of the historical homes have been renovated and most are in walking distance to all of the shopping, bars, and restaurants. But, if you are planning on spending a lot of time at the beach, I would say Folly Beach.

Charleston Bachelorette Party Expert Tips

S&H: Tell us your top three activities for a bach weekend in Charleston… and yes, you can only pick 3!

CBS: Shopping and sightseeing downtown, a boat ride in the harbor, and a beach day at Folly Beach! 

S&H: If you were celebrating your own bachelorette party in Charleston, what restaurants and bars would you pick to go to?

CBS: Restaurants - Mesu, Gingerline, Bodega, Halls and Fleet Landing. Bars -  Uptown Social, Trio, ShareHouse Charleston Bachelorette Party - Expert Planning Tips

S&H: Tell it to us straight. How much do girls really need to budget for a Charleston bach weekend?

CBS: Ah, this truly depends on what all you want to book and plan for your weekend. If you wanted low key/low budget, you could totally get away with just the rental a little outside of the city and then food and drinks and do a beach day and window shopping. But on the opposite spectrum, you could totally go BIG with all of the VIP experiences and fancy dinners and an amazing downtown historic rental.

S&H: Give us some insider scoop - what’s something fun to do or check out that only a local would know about?

CBS: I’d have to say Folly Beach on a summer weekend. Plan for lots of traffic and waiting to get on the island, and some trouble with parking. Always best to get out there first thing in the morning! 

Charleston Bachelorette Party - Expert Planning Tips

S&H: What would you say is the #1 misconception about Charleston as a bachelorette destination? 

CBS: Can I say three?! Area to stay, temperature and overall vibe.

Some groups think they can stay in the suburbs, but if you want to be around the action, you need stay in the heart of downtown, hands down. Traffic can be intense and Ubers get very expensive because they know they can get away with it (especially in the evening after the bars close!)

I also don't think all groups are prepared for the intense summer heat. It's VERY hot and muggy, and stays hot well into the fall. If visiting during the summer, you’ll want to throw in a beach/pool/boat day during your stay for sure!

Last but not least, I think some people have a misconception that Charleston is all about the history and not fun enough for a bachelorette party. But, we have the high-end shopping, food that’s to die for and enough fun events and activities.... you could never fit it all into just one trip! 

S&H: Complete this sentence: Charleston is the perfect bachelorette party destination for brides who…

CBS: Want to experience a historic southern town with an experience for everyone!

Charleston Bachelorette Party - Expert Planning Tips

There you have it! Some top tips from the party planning experts at Charleston Bachelorette Services. Now that you have the inside scoop from the locals, be sure to also visit our Charleston Bachelorette Party Guide for more itinerary ideas and browse our party shop for cute and classy bachelorette party decor and accessories the bride will love. 

About Charleston Bachelorette:

Charleston Bachelorette Services provides custom bachelorette decorating packages and planning options to help you throw a stress free bachelorette party in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas. Charleston-native owned and operated, you've got a local bestie at your fingertips and an extensive list of exclusive discounts and promotions during your stay!
Charleston Bachelorette Services
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