Booze Cruise to Crab Island

No bachelorette party in Destin is complete without a trip to the famed Crab Island. Despite the name, Crab Island isn’t actually an island. It is a gorgeous, underwater sandbar. The crystal clear water is relatively shallow, about 4 feet deep, making it the perfect place to anchor down and float or wade for the afternoon. You can’t miss this sandy white boating paradise, as it is is nestled just to the north of the Destin Bridge. It is only accessible by boat, so renting a boat for the day is key! Destin Vacation Boat Rentals has several options you can choose from - and you can even request a captain, or just keep it simple and take their Crab Island Shuttle Boat.



$250 - $1000
Capacity: Groups up to 14
- Half day or full day rental 
- Choose from a fishing, pontoon, double-decker pontoon or sailboat
- Full tank of fuel
- On-board stereo 
- Option to request a captain
Neighborhood: Destin

 Photos courtesy of Destin Vacation Boat Rentals/Facebook

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