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The Best Destinations for a Winter Bachelorette Party

When it comes to picking a destination for a winter bachelorette party, there are two sides to the coin. You can lean into the winter snow bunny vibes, or you can opt for a warmer alternative to the cooler climates. Only you and your crew know what is best for your bride, but we have a few ideas for locations that will make your winter bachelorette party one to swoon over. We’re breaking down the destination recommendations based on if you want to embrace the cold or escape the cold. Here are Stag & Hen’s tried and true destinations for a winter bachelorette party.

Park City Bachelorette Party Ideas
Cassie's Park City Bachelorette Weekend 

Colder Climates

1. Denver

The Mile High City makes for a dreamy winter bachelorette party backdrop. With gorgeous mountain views, unbeatable views, luxury lodges, and so much more, Denver is ideal for a winter-loving bachelorette. Curl up by the fire, slip into the hot tub, conquer the slopes, or bundle up and explore the super walkable downtown during your Denver bachelorette party. We’ve curated the perfect list of party themes for the Colorado queens to ensure that your party absolutely peaks. 


Average winter temperatures: 19-49 degrees

Popular activities: 

Rocky Mountain National Park

Downtown Denver Food Tour

Twilight Ghost Tour

Group Cocktail Tour

Party theme idea: Camp Bachelorette

The Best Destinations for a Winter Bachelorette Party - Denver

Our Camp Bachelorette party theme tanks would be perfect layered under a sweater!

2. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is always a front-runner for bachelorette parties looking for a little bit of everything. From skiing to swimming, Lake Tahoe has anything an outdoorsy bachelorette could want for her party. For a winter bachelorette party, you’ll love Lake Tahoe’s upscale ski resorts. Most of the luxury accommodations are complete with spas and on-site bars and restaurants, so you really can’t go wrong. We love Lake Tahoe so much that we’ve created the ideal bachelorette party itinerary to help guide you as you plan. 

Average winter temperatures: 19- 49 degrees

Popular activities:

South of North Beer

Heavenly Mountain

MontBleu Casino

Elements Day Spa

Party theme idea: Lake Life

The Best Destinations for a Winter Bachelorette Party - Lake Tahoe

Photo via @jlolund000

3. Jackson Hole Wyoming

Saddle up, cowgirls; the wild west is calling! Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a unique and memorable destination for a winter bachelorette party. Imagine waking up to fresh snowfall, getting a massage at a resort spa, then hitting the town to ski or shop. You can wind down at a mountainside restaurant (espresso martini in hand), and end the day in a luxury cabin with hot chocolate, dessert, and party games. This can be your Jackson Hole bachelorette trip! For inspiration and where to eat, drink, and party, the Rocky Mountain Bride has a full party itinerary. Be sure to bundle up, because a Wyoming winter is super chilly!

Average winter temperatures: 7-30 degrees

Popular activities:

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Ascent Lounge at Four Seasons

Beaver Creek Hats

Party theme idea: Bride’s Last Ride

The Best Destinations for a Winter Bachelorette Party - Lake Tahoe

Image via Rocky Mountain Bride

4. New York City, New York

New York City has something for every type of bride. Whether she is a fashionista, a foodie, an artist, a partier, or a history buff, there’s no shortage of activities to fit her vibe. After all, where better to throw an epic bachelorette party than the city that never sleeps? New York City is certainly a spectacle, especially in the fall and winter! The city is decked out in beautiful holiday decorations from November-January, and it’s simply a must-see! From ice skating at Central Park, to seeing the Rockettes, to attending a Broadway show, to window shopping on Fifth Avenue, NYC in the winter is unbeatable. Our friends at The Knot have a full New York City bachelorette party guide to help you plan your party.

Average winter temperatures: 31-44 degrees

Popular activities:

Lips Drag Show

City Tour by Boat

Paul’s Cocktail Lounge

Alice’s Teacup

Party theme idea: Last Rumble in the Jungle… the concrete jungle ;)

The Best Destinations for a Winter Bachelorette Party - New York City

Image via

Warmer Weather

5. Mexico 

Mexico is always ready to party! With warm weather throughout the seasons, Mexico can be the perfect tropical paradise to escape the winter weather. Whether you are partying by the pool, sinking your toes in the sand, or hitting the nightclubs, you’ll love a bachelorette trip to Mexico! There are tons of luxury resorts to choose from, but if you need some ideas and specifics, check out Stag & Hen bride Kristin’s party in Playa! Her real party recap will serve as awesome inspo for planning a beach bash for your bestie.

Average winter temperature: 45-73 degrees

Popular activities: 

Coco Bongo Night Club

The Royal Playa Del Carmen Resort

Pool parties, sun tanning, excursions

Party theme idea: Final Fiesta

The Best Destinations for a Winter Bachelorette Party - Mexico

The bride and her bachelorettes by their resort pool in Mexico!

6. Miami 

There’s a reason that Miami is one of the top 15 bachelorette party destinations. It has everything you could want for a bachelorette party—sun, sand, and top-notch nightlife. If your bride loves to boogie, the Latin nightclub scene will be the perfect place to party. Speaking of Latin influences, the Cuban food in Miami is famous and absolutely to die for. A Miami bachelorette party is a winner every time. It’s so loved by Stag & Hen brides that we have an entire Miami bachelorette party guide

Average winter temperatures: 

65-76 degrees

Popular activities:

Latin dance lessons

Drag brunch at the Palace
Food tour with Miami Culinary Tours

Booze Cruise with Boatsetter

Party theme idea:  Tropic Like It’s Hot


7. Austin

The “live music capital of the world” stays warm all year and would be ideal for a laid back, low-key bride who wants to keep her trip chill. From Sixth Street bar hopping to world-famous barbecue, and the gorgeous Lake Austin, there’s always something to see, do and eat on a bachelorette trip in Austin, Texas! To help with your planning, we've curated an Austin bachelorette party guide with everything you need to know to plan a once-in-a-lifetime trip in the Lone Star State!

Average winter temperatures: 

43-63 degrees

Popular activities:

Bar Hopping on Sixth Street

Private Dance Class with Studio Goddess

Boat Day with Lone Star Party Boats

Party theme idea: Dazed and Engaged

The Best Destinations for a Winter Bachelorette Party - Austin

Our Dazed and Engaged themed party shirts!

You can really make your winter bachelorette party exactly what the bride wants it to be. Whether you choose a warm oasis or a winter wonderland, you’ll love celebrating with your besties! 

For more destination ideas, head on over to our city guides. Good luck with your party planning, and be sure to tag us on Instagram @shopstagandhen so we can see your gear and where you go! 




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