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The Top 15 Most Popular Bachelorette Party Destinations

The Top 15 Bachelorette Party Destinations

We surveyed over 1,000 women to find out what the most popular bachelorette party destinations are. The results? Las Vegas tops the list followed by beach favorites and wine country.

Over the past five years, bachelorette parties have exploded. No longer are brides-to-be celebrating their final fling with a simple night out on the town. Instead, brides and their squads are jet-setting to destinations around the world for weekend-long getaways with their besties. 

We wanted to know what the most popular bachelorette party destinations are, so we surveyed over 1,000 women around the United States to find out.

What’d we learn? While Las Vegas is still the crowd-favorite, Nashville was a close second followed by popular beach destinations like Miami, Mexico, Charleston and Key West. Think Disney World is just for kids? Think again. Women ranked the famous Disney parks as their tenth favorite destinations for bachelorette weekends. We were also excited to see some up-and-coming destinations like Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe make the Top 15.

See the full list below along with links to party guides on how to host fabulous bachelorette parties in each location. Happy partying, bach babes!  

1. Las Vegas 

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | Las VegasPhoto Credit: A Southern Drawl 

Sin City has been a long time favorite location for bachelorette parties and still reigns king today! Although it was a tight race with Nashville, Las Vegas claimed the title of the most popular bachelorette party destination in our study. Want some ideas on what to do for a bachelorette weekend in Vegas? Take a peek at our Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Guide for inspiration.


2. Nashville

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | NashvillePhoto Credit: Bright Event Productions

Boots and bling before the ring! When it comes to fun destinations for a bachelorette party, Nashville has got it all! Between the great bar scene, live music galore and fantastic food, it's no wonder that Nashville won second place in our study for top bachelorette party destinations. Read our Nashville bachelorette party guide for ideas of what to do for your bachelorette weekend in music city.


3. Miami

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | Miami

Photo Credit: Stag & Hen

Who's ready for the beach?! Miami took third place in our study for top bachelorette party destinations and it's easy to understand why. The beautiful beaches, incredible night-life and Cuban-inspired eats make Miami a fantastic spot to celebrate a bride's last fling before the ring. Need some ideas on what to do? Check out our Miami bachelorette party recap


4. Mexico 

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | MexicoPhoto Credit: Stag & Hen

No time to siesta, it's her final fiesta! Mexico took fourth place in our bachelorette party study for top destinations. Whether you head to Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Cabo San Lucas or any of the many beautiful beaches that Mexico has to offer, you're sure to have a good time. Need some ideas on what to do? Read our Cabo San Lucas or Playa Del Carmen party guides for inspiration and then shop our Final Fiesta party collection for tons of cute fiesta-themed party goodies. 


5. Charleston 

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | CharlestonPhoto Credit: Southern Curls & Pearls

It's no surprise that this classic, southern city took fifth place in our bachelorette party survey. Between the beach and its southern charm, Charleston is a destination any bride-to-be will love for her last fling before the ring. Need some ideas on what to do or where to stay? Check out our Charleston Bachelorette Party Guide for inspiration.

6. Napa Valley 

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | Napa ValleyPhoto Credit: Stag & Hen

You had me at merlot! What better place for a girls' weekend than wine country? Napa Valley scored number six for favorite bachelorette party destinations. For ideas on what wineries to visit and restaurants to enjoy, check out our Napa Valley bachelorette party recap and then shop our Vino Before Vows party collection for all the wine-themed bachelorette gear you need! 

7. Key West

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | Key WestPhoto Credit: Ultimate Bridesmaid

Between the beautiful water, picturesque beachside town and sunset performers, Key West is a fantastic spot for celebrating a final fling! Coming in at seventh, this destination is an up-and-coming one for bachelorette weekends. Need some beach swag for the festivities? Check out our beach bachelorette party collection to get you started! 


8. New Orleans 

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | New OrleansPhoto Credit: Stag & Hen

If you're celebrating a bride-to-be who likes to party, New Orleans is one bachelorette party destination that's tough to beat. Between Bourbon Street, the amazing cajun cuisine and incredible architecture, NOLA is one of our favorite destinations for an unforgettable weekend. Get some great ideas for how you can enjoy this fun party city for the bride-to-be's bachelorette weekend by reading our New Orleans bachelorette party recap.  

9. Austin 

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | AustinPhoto Credit: Lushra and @stayyoung_12

Austin's spot in the top ten for most popular bachelorette party destinations is a well-deserved one! This southern, college town is an amazing spot for celebrating a bride-to-be. Bride tribes can enjoy a party barge on Lake Austin, snag some bites from a food truck and then hit the infamous sixth street for drinks. Looking for more ideas? Check out our Austin bachelorette party guide for more inspiration.  


10. Disney World / Land 

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | DisneyPhoto Credit: Anna-lee's Adventures

It's the happiest place on earth for a reason! Disney World and Disney Land ranked as the tenth most popular bachelorette party destination in our study. A fun way to make the parks feel a little more "grown up"? Try playing "Drinking Around The World" - a game where you enjoy each country in the park's signature drink. Get more ideas on how to plan a great bachelorette weekend at Disney in our party guide.

11. The Hamptons

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations - The HamptonsPhoto Credit: @_kayflo

The Hamptons ranked eleventh in our study for top bachelorette parties and it's not hard to understand why! This classy beach town is the perfect escape from the city for celebrating a bride-to-be. Head to our "Let's Get Nauti" party collection for all the preppy bachelorette party supplies you need for hosting an unforgettable Hamptons bach bash! 

12. Palm Springs (California)  

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations | Palm SpringsPhoto Credit: The Miller Affect

Palm Springs before the rings! This adorable desert town came in twelfth place in our study. Between the perfect weather, fun shops and restaurants and plenty of outdoor adventure, Palm Springs is a fantastic bachelorette party destination. Need some ideas on what to do? Read our Palm Springs bachelorette party guide for tips or see how Amanda from The Miller Affect celebrated her final fling in Palm Springs

13. Lake Tahoe

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations - Lake TahoePhoto Credit: Escape Reno

We're so happy Lake Tahoe made the list as a top bachelorette party destination! Between the crystal clear waters and gorgeous mountains, this spot is absolutely breathtaking. Plus, there's a super cute town with fun restaurants and shops to enjoy. Need some lake gear for the weekend? Check out our Lake Life bachelorette party collection and then read Escape Reno's blog post on how she spent her bachelorette weekend in Tahoe. 

14. Chicago

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations - ChicagoPhoto Credit: Flytogropher

Chicago claims the fourteenth spot for top bachelorette party destinations! This city has tons to offer - high-end shopping, delicious restaurants, boat cruises and amazing nightlife. Read how bride-to-be Ashley spent her final fling in the windy city and check out Flytogropher's ideas for celebrating a bach weekend in Chicago

15. New York City 

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations - New York CityPhoto Credit: @brittmac90

Last but not least on our list, New York City! Channel your inner Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda while enjoying the city that never sleeps. Need some ideas on how to throw an unforgettable bachelorette weekend? Check out Thrillist's ideas on what to do to celebrate a bride-to-be.


The Top 15 Bachelorette Party Destinations

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